I5 6600 with what motherboard six generation i5-6600 motherboard recommended

The new six-generation Intel Desktop CPU Skylake many versions of the model, as I talked about earlier, what a good problem i5 6600K with a motherboard, but because of different i5 6600 processor and user i5-6600k location, with the motherboard there may be differences Therefore, this article mainly introduces the motherboard of i5 6600, and the recommendation of i5-6600 motherboard, let's understand it.

I5 6600 with what motherboard Six generation i5-6600 motherboard recommended
I5 6600 with what motherboard six generation i5-6600 motherboard recommended

What motherboard is good for i5 6600?

The Core i5 6600 is also the new six-generation product launched by Intel this year. It adopts the most advanced 14nm technology, and the new LGA 1151 interface type needs to be paired with the new 100 series motherboard.

At present, the new 100 series new motherboard models are from high specification to low specification: Z170, H170, B150, Q150, H110, etc. If you want to be compatible, i5 6600 with Z170, H170, B150, Q150, H110 motherboards can be, but the installation also needs to be balanced, cost-effective, etc., so the best matching motherboard is also a problem to consider.

What is the best motherboard for the i5 6600? You may wish to learn from the experience of the previous generation i5, such as the i5 4590 processor that does not support overclocking, the best match with the B85 motherboard, balance and cost. The same i5 6600k processor is also a non-overclocked mid-range CPU, and the mid-range B150 motherboard is the most suitable.

I5 6600 with what motherboard Six generation i5-6600 motherboard recommended
ASUS B150 motherboard

I5-6600 motherboard recommended

The following small series recommend several cost-effective B150 motherboards for everyone.

1, ASRock B150 Gaming K4 motherboard (reference price: 599 yuan)


2, ASUS B150M-PLUS D3 motherboard (reference price: 699 yuan)

3, Gigabyte B150M-D3H motherboard (reference price: 699 yuan)

4, MSI B150M PRO-VDH motherboard (Reference price: 649 yuan)

The biggest highlight of Intel's new Skylake six-generation processor is the new architecture, more advanced 14nm process, lower power consumption, higher frequency, higher performance and full support for DDR4 memory. However, due to the new processor and new motherboard just listed on the i5 6600, the current price is also high, and friends who are not in a hurry can wait until the price of the i5 6600 processor and B150 motherboard is stable.

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