Hymite introduces silicon package for LEDs

Hymite has launched an LED package formed by micromachining a silicon wafer. Hymite LED package and wafer Danish-German technology company Hymite A/S has unveiled HyLED?, a silicon-based package for high-brightness LEDs that should enable component miniaturization and cost-effective manufacturing.
The Proven IC-style automated manufacturing processes upgrade throughputs and yields for a lower cost per unit. The option of wafer level assembly and testing could provide major Cost benefits for the end customer.
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Hymite says that a major European customer, which develops and produces high-performance digital light sources, is using the HyLED package and has significant significant package miniaturization and power efficiencies. LEDs Magazine believes that the customer is Lexedis, which is known to use silicon packaging For its nanoXED emitter (see Lexedis Lighting unveils miniature nanoXED emitter ).
"The primary challenge for HB LED manufacturers has been miniaturization and mass production of the components to meet market needs, while addressing unique thermal requirements and reducing the cost per lumen," said Jochen Kuhmann, CTO and founder, Hymite A/S.
"HyLED silicon packaging overcomes these obstacles through wafer-scale production and assembly. We see a major market opportunity for significant enhancement of HB LEDs for diffraction applications and markets."