Humidifier sales decline

Humidifier sales decline With the arrival of heating period, the use of humidifiers has become the preferred method for many families to deal with house drying. At this time in previous years, air humidifiers have also become the hottest home appliances. This year's sales of humidifiers are much worse than in previous years, except for a hundred yuan. The sale of humidifiers of small and medium high-end brands is not satisfactory. The industry has stated that with similar upgraded products entering the market, single-function air humidifiers are being squeezed by similar upgraded products, and the sales situation is not satisfactory. .

In the Suning Appliance Aeon shop, the reporter saw that air humidification products accounted for a large space in the area of ​​small household appliances, and the price ranged from one hundred yuan to a thousand dollars, but the staff also frowned and said that this year's high-end Humidifier products are not very easy to sell. “Selling a few or even a dozen or so units a day last year was normal. This year's sales were even less than half of last year.” The salesman reluctantly stated.

“The market share of air humidifiers is indeed declining, and the prices of higher-priced products have fallen even more,” said a person in charge of Liu Xing, a Gome Appliances division of the small home appliances business. The factors responsible for this phenomenon are due to humidifiers. The function is inherently single, and the price/performance ratio is relatively low. Although the sales of high-end products in the market have increased year by year in previous years, the overall sales volume is still lower than that in Europe and the United States, and Chinese consumers are more likely to consider spending a thousand dollars to buy a humidifier. The equipment is not worth it. “In addition, the emergence of similar upgraded products is the main reason for the sale of humidifiers in the cold.” Mr. Liu said that from the perspective of the market’s first-line performance, feature-rich air purifiers are increasingly favored by consumers, and such industries It can also meet the demand for humidification. “At present, there are more and more kinds of air purification products, and purification products with multiple functions are increasingly favored by consumers. At the same time, these products are mostly open to the market with high cost performance. Intensified sales of mid-to-high-end humidifier products."

The "12th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China Household Appliance Industry" suggests that it is necessary to support healthy household appliances and decontamination products. This will also greatly promote the upgrading of air purification products. The elimination rate of the industry is also relatively fast. In the future, Two or three years are the peak period for the growth of air purification products. The mid- to high-end air humidifiers are likely to exit the market due to their single function and high prices.

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