HUBER + SUHNER launched a new generation of fiber-to-antenna solution-XC

HUBER + SUHNER launched a new generation of fiber-to-antenna solution-XCO

HUBER + SUHNER has decades of experience in the development and production of optical fiber applications. In the past few years, optical fiber applications have developed rapidly, and customers have a significant demand for high-quality, reliable optical fiber connections and their overall connection solutions. According to market demand, HUBER + SUHNER once again launched a new generation of fiber-to-antenna solution-XCO.
The HUBER + SUHNER- XCO solution has a 2-core fiber connection suitable for single-mode multimode, a standard LC connector interface, a short connector design, saves space, and has EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection performance.
The XCO solution has good mechanical performance, and the installation mechanism is a patented 'Snap-In' plug-in and pull-out method. The number of plug-in and pull-out times is more than 1000 times. No external force is added to the optical cable. The product is more reliable. -2 standard, temperature range -40 ° C- + 85 ° C, meet 30 days salt spray test, excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, can be used in almost any temperature and humidity environment, meet RoHs standards.
The specific installation method is as follows:
Open the protective cap, insert the flange, connect the optical fiber, and tighten the metal protective cap
HUBER + SUHNER is a well-known Swiss manufacturer of communication transmission products. It was formed in 1969 by the merger of HUBER (founded in 1881) and SUHNER (founded in 1864). Both companies are leaders in the same field. many years. HUBER + SUHNER's slogan is "provide excellent connection solutions". They mainly produce antenna feeders, radio frequency products, optical fiber transmission products, and lightning protection products. Their products are widely used in wireless communication, transportation (automotive, railway), industry and other fields. Among them, their coaxial cables, connectors and lightning protectors are world-renowned.
HUBER + SUHNER is a Swiss listed company. At present, HUBER + SUHNER has branches in 15 countries around the world, has 10 production plants and assembly bases, more than 2,500 employees worldwide, and achieved sales of 560 million Swiss francs in 2004. After setting up an office in China in 1993, HUBER + SUHNER established Haoxun Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. and Haoxun Communication Transmission Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in 1999 and 2001, respectively, making China switch from pure trade to product manufacturing. , Processing, research and development, service and other comprehensive bases, the Shanghai plant has also become one of HUBER + SUHNER's global production center of gravity. In 2004, the Shanghai factory realized global management and local technical design. In 2005, HUBER + SUHNER Asia Pacific headquarters was established in Shanghai. In 2006, it continued to expand its investment in China and set up a Changchun office. At the same time, the Chinese website () was officially opened. In September, the second largest production center of HUBER + SUHNER (China) company located in Pudong, Shanghai began operations, with a larger plant area. Expansion of nearly 5,000 square meters, doubling the scale of original joints and electroplating production lines, a series of measures are all to meet the sales and service needs of Chinese customers
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