Huawei negotiates Israeli database security company HexaTier

On the evening of December 20th, Beijing time, Reuters quoted a number of people familiar with the matter as saying that Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is negotiating HexaTIer, an Israeli cloud database security startup.

These people from China and Israel said that it is expected that the two sides will soon reach a deal. According to a person familiar with the matter from Israel, after the transaction is completed, Huawei will establish a cloud database R&D center in Israel through HexaTIer.

A few weeks ago, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei just visited Israel. Both Huawei and HexaTIer declined to comment on the transaction.

HexaTIer currently has 40 employees and has raised $14.5 million. The main investors are Israeli venture capital funds JVP, Magma and Rhodium.

At present, Huawei provides cloud-based operating system FusionSphere, data center management system ManageOne, and SDN network technology Cloud Fabric as the core to provide customers with industry-leading distributed cloud data center solutions.

433MHZ Antenna

With the rapid development of wireless sensing technology, 433 MHz wireless communication devices have been more widely used in portable devices, vehicle-mounted terminals, intelligent locks and other fields [1]. As an important part of wireless communication equipment, antenna is a key component that affects the overall performance of the communication system [2].

Domestic and foreign scholars have been exploring the 433 MHz printed antenna with high gain and miniaturization for many years. However, there are two main trends in the design of 433 MHz printed antenna by previous scholars: one is to sacrifice size to ensure high gain, such as the structural scheme in literature [3]; The other is to sacrifice gain to ensure size miniaturization, such as the scheme in reference [4].

Taking into account the effective size and gain characteristics of the antenna is the difficulty in the design of 433 MHz miniaturized printed antenna. Based on the research experience of domestic and foreign scholars on 433 MHz printed antenna, a 433 MHz miniaturized spiral printed antenna is designed based on the 1/4 wavelength monopole antenna. The simulation results show that the antenna occupies only 20×35 mm2 and the effective gain is -4.14 dB.

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