How to use notebook WLAN

There are two kinds of wireless Internet access for laptops. One is to use a wireless network card to connect to a nearby wireless local area network (WLAN, WI-FI), and the other is to use a USB modem to login to a wireless 3G network. The two types of wireless Internet access need to be distinguished. It is a completely different concept and implemented using different devices. The WLAN referred to this time refers to the standard wireless local area network through the wireless network standard, and the range generally does not exceed a distance of 150M radius.

There are two basic requirements for using a wireless network. The laptop is loaded with a wireless LAN card and an access point (AP) with a wireless network nearby. Then find the nearby wireless network through Windows' own wireless network service program.

Note: The effective range of the wireless LAN according to the new physical layer standard IEEE802.11g standard does not exceed 150M. If the distance is too far, normal communication may not be achieved, or the wireless local area network cannot be found at all.

Steps to use a wireless network:

1, the correct installation of the wireless network card driver 2, confirm the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service starts normally (Right-click "My Computer", find the "Service" option)

After completing the above procedure, you can search for wireless networks. If wireless routers exist today, or wireless APs can directly intervene (no encryption). If you are an encrypted network, you need to enter the authentication key Note: Do not access the unknown wireless LAN at will and may be attacked by a virus. If your laptop does not have a wireless network Switch, you may use hotkeys such as the Fn+FX key combination. See the instructions for details. Use a wireless network to first confirm that the device is working properly.

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