How to improve millet TV sound effects? Custom sound mode

The 8+1 high-quality external home theater sound system (Soundbar and wireless subwoofer) equipped with the Millet TV 2 has a high-pitched and clear tone, full mid-range tone, and deep dive bass. It is a wide, clear, deep shocking sound. Sound quality TV audio (of course not compared with home theater with amplifier).

However, this set of audio systems has been met with by some users. This is mainly due to the fact that the sound effects of this sound system have not been tuned. If the sound effects are properly adjusted, this set of sounds is not a shock to the movies, but also a more mellow music. The game is more realistic, "the first home theater for young people."

I was very disappointed after I opened the box and installed the millet TV 2 and the audio system. However, after customizing the sound effects, I was very surprised. If you feel that the sound is not good, you can try the following method.

Custom audio operation method:

1, install millet audio APP on the phone;

2, open the millet audio, Bluetooth audio and millet connection must be successful in connection to the next step (Figure 1);

3. After the connection is successful, click the firmware upgrade to upgrade the millet home audio firmware to the latest version (Figure 2).

4. After the upgrade, click Audio Settings on the main screen to adjust the subwoofer volume to 58% (Figure 3).

5, return to the main interface, click on the audio style options, select the custom (Figure 4);

6, adjust the custom to the ideal frequency (figure 5), and then return to the main interface, millet sound will default to a good sound;

7. Finally, try playing music and video on your mobile phone or TV. Is it better to have a qualitative change than before the adjustment?

Figure one:

Figure II:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Figure 5:

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