How do household electrical fields interact to reduce electrical interference?

Most modern households purchase household appliances such as color TV sets, tape recorders, electric fans, washing machines, refrigerators, etc., which interfere with each other, especially color TVs. How to reduce the mutual interference of home appliances?

First of all, refrigerators and TV sets should be as far apart as possible. If conditions permit, do not put them in the same room. If conditions are not allowed, install refrigerators and TV plugs separately. Adjacent residents, refrigerators and color TVs should not be near the same wall. Refrigerators and TVs should be installed with their own protectors or voltage regulators, and the power cords of the two should be separated, not on the same wall.

Secondly, the TV should be kept at a certain distance from the recorder and the speakers. Don't rely too close. Because the recorder and the speaker have strong magnetic speakers, and a strong magnetic field is formed around the screen, and the color screen of the color TV is equipped with a steel grid. If it is in a strong magnetic field for a long time, it will be magnetized. To make the color of the TV set uneven.

G-Lights will provide great help in pool decoration while you have beautiful pool and need decoration lamp for it. Colorful light for the pool outline? Great glaxy star effect for the flooring, for the pool side? Or a complicated but nice dreamlike enviroment when you come to the pool? Just let fiber optic lighting application to fit the requirement.Don't need to worry about the safety and maintenance cost for the pool lighting project, fiber optic just look a cable and totaly insulation and no electric parts in it, unless people break it, it will keep working. Fiber optic lighting make everything easy, just lay the fiber cable on the pool according to the design. Stable quality and long life span time make the pool Lighting Decoration project nice and different.

In a word, just enjoy the fiber optic great effect for the decoration.

Fiber Optic Pool Decoration Light

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