How about the storm mirror D? Detailed evaluation experience answer

In the past year, I was able to occasionally hear friends around me talking about VR. For me, as long as I bring a helmet, I can use virtual reality. This is totally unimaginable. At the time, I was still proud to have a high-definition display. I was excited by a high-definition projector. But when I first experienced VR, I was shocked. It was a private 3D theater. Storm D is a mature product of Storm Technology and a new representative of Storm. What is the effect of Storm Mirror D? Let's share with you about my experience.

Storm mirror small D and Bluetooth remote control

Storm D small and elegant packaging D, pull-type box packaging is more conducive to the protection of product safety, including only a pair of glasses, with a manual, even if it is the first time, simply skip The manual can also be completely used.

Storm Mirror D Overview

Storm D small mirror with a blue and black with the design, more youthful fashion atmosphere. Most of them are made of sponges and plastics. The overall weight is 275g. Even if you add a mobile phone, you don't have much weight on your head.

Storm mirror small D top

Storm mirror small D top T-shaped structure

Storm mirror small D eye mask parts

At the top of Magic Mirror D, there is a small card slot, which can be easily and skillfully fixed the headband to form a T-shaped stable structure. The nylon band of the headband is well-elastic and firmly conforms to the contour of the head to reduce negative pressure. In the mirror D small eye mask, silicone fixed eyelid position, sponge wrapped in a layer of flannel to avoid the wear of the skin when shaking. The left and right sides of the mirror D-eyes are designed with convection vents. When viewed, facial skin breaths can also be taken care of. For me personally, the bridge of my nose is not quite leading to some light leakage near the nose, so I am more suitable for viewing in the dark or low light environment.

Storm mirror small D side

Storm mirror small D rebound baffle design

Storm mirror small D and mobile phone

The storm D small mirror uses the rebound baffle design. Before use, the baffle needs to be opened outwards, and the mobile phone is slowly placed. We can see that there are sponges in the windows and the baffle, one to protect the mobile phone from friction, and the other is to be able to trap the phone and avoid the danger of slipping when it shakes during the experience. . Storm D small mirror suitable for 5-6 mobile phones, screen 1080P resolution mobile phones can also use 360-degree video, if your phone screen reaches 2K resolution, then you can enjoy 1000-inch IMAX-level viewing.

Storm mirror small D lens

Storm mirror small D top

Due to the different vision of the pupil of the human eye, the focus is different. Therefore, the D-mirror mirror D has a slidable adjustment lens button on the bottom, and the adjustment accuracy is in the range of 58mm-68mm. Just move the key slightly to let the two images overlap. You can explore it.

Bluetooth remote control front

Bluetooth remote control top

If you don't have a joystick, it's a hassle to put your phone on the screen and want to do it again. Fortunately, this experience has a Bluetooth remote control. Whether you want to switch video, pause playback, or fast-forward rewind, you can use the joystick remote control.

Bluetooth remote control to get started

Storm mirror Bluetooth remote controller uses a streamlined design, small and easy to control, the front design of a rocker control keys two physical keys and a signal lamp, the top position has a black button, the button can be boot, menu, return, confirm and other operations The joystick controls the direction.

Storm mirror small D evaluation

The back of the handle remote control, like most remote controls, is the battery compartment of the remote control. The No. 7 battery is used to facilitate user replacement. It is recommended that you use the rechargeable No. 7 battery, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.

Storm mirror small D test

If you have some personal resources, of course, you can also place a good mobile phone to immediately enjoy the fun of VR glasses. If you want to have more resources on VR glasses, download Stormstorm's Storm Mirror.

Storm Mirror APP

Storm mirror interface

Before the login is successful, you need to connect the Bluetooth remote control, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, turn on the handle switch, and search for the device “mojing4-A” of the remote control on the mobile phone, select pairing and wait, and then enter the password “0000” to match. If you are opening the Storm Mirror app for the first time, you will need to calibrate the phone gyroscope. The phone will be placed on the table and waiting for the calibration to complete.

Phone tips

Storm Mirror APP Home

After the calibration is set, you can continue to use it in the main area of ​​the APP. The main interface is mainly divided into four units: recommendation, channel, local and account. It is simple and easy to understand.

Storm mirror APP channel

Storm mirror APP channel

Storm mirror APP channel

Storm Mirror APP is very rich in resources, movies, 3D movies, TV shows, animation, variety shows everything. The panorama mode contains video, live, roaming, pictures, etc., while also supports games and local video playback, as well as regular updates, the most important The resource is completely free. It can meet the needs of users of different ages. In addition, there are many high immersive games in the Storm Mirror APP. You can use the gyroscope of the mobile phone to play 3D games and move together. It is suitable for you to explore.

Storm mirror game when the mobile interface

The Storm Mirror provides an immersive view of the movie. It feels as if it is on the ground. It is free to shuttle through the scenes and get closer to the details of the story. The viewing effect is more shocking and the immersion is stronger. In addition, the panoramic video allows us to use our eyes to go sightseeing around the country.

Storm Mirror APP Personal Center

Storm mirror D is well-crafted, comfortable to wear and has good viewing results. It is novelty to watch it for the first time. For me, the overall experience is relatively good, but for myopic friends, the viewing time is still a bit vague. It is not convenient to bring glasses, and long-term use will still cause visual fatigue. It is recommended that you use half an hour. Afterwards, pay attention to rest and avoid causing vertigo. The eyes make us the window of the soul, take us to enjoy the exploration together, and also thank Storm Technology for bringing us this product, so that we can enjoy this kind of exploration at home.

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