Hong Kong Lantern Matt Wang Shunbo's "light man" marketing (Figure)

——Interview with Wang Shunbo, Chairman of Hong Kong Lantern

Wang Shunbo impression

He is a "light man" with more than 15 years of lighting experience;

He is a director of several wholly-owned subsidiaries including “Taipei Lighting”, “Hongkong Light Matt International Brand Lighting Chain Co., Ltd.”, “Lights (Chongqing) Brand Lighting Chain” and “Nanjing Golden Point Lighting”. long;

He is also a sincere and trustworthy partner;


Anyone who has contacted Wang Shunbo will, without exception, think that he is a wise speaker. The reporter has the privilege of seeing him talk on several occasions. It is indeed free and easy to see. It seems that this and his hard work are self-satisfied. And like to travel around the world is inseparable. Wang Shunbo's popularity is particularly good. Many people in the lighting industry have cooperated with him. They not only earned money, but also earned him a friend. This is also a place he is particularly proud of.

Hyper Terminal Platform Conception

Reporter (hereinafter referred to as the record): Hello Wang Dong! Thank you for accepting this interview. First of all, please allow me to thank you on behalf of the newspaper for your great contribution to the Chinese lighting industry. As an elite in the lighting industry who has been in the lighting industry for more than 15 years, the industry has given you the title of “light man”, which shows your influence in the entire lighting industry.

Wang Shunbo (hereinafter referred to as Wang): Thanks to the love of all the friends in the industry, I have been working with the partners with the belief of "cooperation is a friend" in the lighting industry for so many years. Therefore, I have made many friends in the industry.

Reporter: As a well-known "light man" in the industry, can you talk about the original idea of ​​creating the brand of Lampat?

Wang: During the past ten years of work, I have become more and more aware of the huge potential of the lighting industry. I also clearly see many problems in the entire industry. Therefore, I am determined to create a brand new Models, making their own efforts for industry development and industry norms. As is known to all, the price system of this industry is chaotic, the quality of products is uneven, consumers are difficult to distinguish between true and false, and they are at a loss. The scale of dealers is small, the varieties and brands are single, consumers are difficult to concentrate on procurement, and after-sales service is not guaranteed. This status quo also restricts the long-term development of brand manufacturers, and it is difficult for brand manufacturers to find a terminal sales platform suitable for their own development. In this context, the Hong Kong Light Mart International brand lighting chain Chongqing flagship store came into being. As a group of "light people" who are loyal to the lights, we are determined to create a better buying environment and create an international brand lighting sales platform.

Reporter: Some people have different opinions on your choice of No.1 Bridge. I think that it is not an ideal place to do a store. How do you see it?

Wang: As it turns out, we have a vision. It is good here. It has convenient transportation and strong radiation. It has more than 500 parking spaces in the open air and indoor parking lots in Yuzhong District. You said that such a good position is in the first CBD of the western part of the country.

Reporter: How long did it take for Lamp Mart to go from preparation to opening?

Wang: Three years ago, our lamp Mart began to investigate the lighting sales industry. In April 2005, it entered the Yuzhong District of Chongqing. Before the official opening, we spent 8 months and spent a lot of money to create a brand new lamp that everyone can see. This process is arduous and lengthy, pouring a lot of effort and sweat from the top management of the lamp and all the staff.

Reporter: What is the business model of Light Mart? I have found that in the past year, many lighting stores in Chongqing have followed your "clear price" model.

Wang: Deng Mart's business ideas highlight differentiated and scale operations. Introduce brand lighting, fully meet the different needs of consumers at all levels; implement clear price, ensure the best cost performance of goods, become the pioneer of industry price regulation; implement unified services such as unified distribution, free installation, cleaning, professional maintenance and light environment design A win-win model that combines the interests of manufacturers, sales terminals and consumers. I think that this marketing model is the inevitable development of the lighting industry. It is the concrete practice of modern win-win economic theory, which will inevitably subvert the traditional lighting sales model. It turns out that the impact of this model on the development of the lighting industry is positive.

Good mode guides the industry forward

Reporter: I still remember the grand occasion of the gathering of the lanterns on the day of the opening of the lamp. On that day, I created a sales performance of 1.96 million. What is the sales status of the lamp Mart today?

Wang: Although the business of the whole industry was relatively light in the first half of the year, in comparison, our lamp is still good.

Reporter: Today, the new mode of the terminal is constantly emerging. Some have succeeded, some have suffered a lot of setbacks. What kind of model do you think is a good model?

Wang: I can't give you the definition you want, and I don't dare to comment on other models, but I think that no matter what mode, only the mode that guides the industry and allows consumers to buy accounts is a good model!

Reporter: What do you think is the standard for measuring the quality of terminal stores?

Wang: Consumers and lighting manufacturers believe that the reason why the lamp is the highest grade is because of the luxury decoration of the five-star hotel, and settled in the brand Baohui, Jinda, Weishahua, Xinteli, Westminster, Sanli Synthetic Long is as dazzling as Star Han, but I think there is still a little bit of neglect, that is, "five-star service."

Reporter: What do you mean by the "five-star service" is the four "secret weapons" that you throw at the beginning of the opening ceremony - hypermarkets plus supermarkets, a large number of brand lighting, clear price, unobstructed return and other services, now Are these services finally implemented in business practice?

Wang: All of them have been implemented. In the business model, "Light Mart" adopts mall-style management of unified management, unified cashier, and unified pre-sales and after-sales service. For lighting, electric wires, sockets and other fast-distributing electrical and electronic materials, "Light Mart" has planned a 1,000-square-meter monopoly area and implemented supermarket management to facilitate quick purchases by consumers. The famous design master of Taiwan, Mr. Song Qiying, designed the store for us to integrate the lighting art into the commercial space. The overall layout adopts the latest international dynamic design, and is planned according to different lighting brands, types and styles, fully demonstrating the distinctive personality of each brand.

Remember: Is the price of the clear code difficult in the operation?

Wang: Although price control is a test, because we have always adhered to reasonable pricing principles, it has been implemented very smoothly, and many people are coming to the price.
Reporter: You have proposed the concept of in-depth service, how to understand?

Wang: The essence of deep service is to satisfy consumers and protect the brand of the manufacturer. It can be said that we have done a good job of our service, not in the scope of our services, we are often serving.


Reporter: I heard that the lamp is about to obtain the ISO international quality system certification. This is rare in the national lighting professional store. As the brand lighting chain enterprise that is the first in the country to pass the system certification, how do you standardize the store management?

Wang: There are five steps to establish a quality management system: that is, what you do (plan), what you say (try), remember what you have done (evidence), check what you have done (problem), change You are not right (progressive). Only when the problem is often "checked" and thoroughly "reformed" can the normal operation of the lighting store management system be guaranteed. A set of scientific and rigorous operating procedures have been established for the procurement of all incoming lighting products, the display of lighting products, the service level of sales personnel, and the lighting installation process of technical service personnel. An internal auditor team has also been established within the company. The internal auditor checks the operation of the system and finds out the corrective measures until the correction is made in the shortest time.

Reporter: What do you think is your biggest gain when implementing the ISO quality system certification?

Wang: I deeply understand the true meaning of “customer” in “focus on customers”. The lamp is facing the consumer of the lamp, and there is no doubt that the consumer of the lamp is the customer. All employees must establish the "customer first" philosophy, and more consider the reasons for the "customer" complaints, and find out the unreasonable treatment methods from the interface of the work process and work links to improve.

Strategic expansion arrow has been off the string

Reporter: You are taking a buyout business now. Are you planning to try various forms of business?

Wang: Although the operation of Light Matt seems to be relatively successful at present, there is still a big gap between my ideas. I believe that with the appreciation of the Light Mart platform, more and more good brands will enter. Light Matt, when we get together, our cooperation will be more flexible.

Reporter: Since the lamp is a chain mode, when are you going to let it go to the whole country?

Wang: Since the opening of the business, many commercial real estate companies, investment companies, large-scale building materials stores, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Qingdao, Guizhou, etc. have come to Light Matt to investigate and negotiate. At present, Lamp Mart has already carried out strategic cooperation with “Red Star Macalline”, and the first store will open at the end of the year. According to the current negotiation situation, as long as the time is ripe, going to the country is a matter of anytime, anywhere. But we will not blindly expand, and everything will be gradually advanced according to the actual situation of the enterprise, because we must guarantee the interests of every lighting brand that enters the platform, we will not blindly expand at the expense of the brand.

Source: China Lighting Trade Network