High sampling rate oscilloscope

LeCroy Corporation today announced the new line of two popular WaveAce oscilloscope series - WaveAce 1000 to 2000 and WaveAce. The WaveAce Kinescope uses a sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s with 2 Mpts of memory in dual-channel mode, from 40 MHz to 100 MHz. The WaveAce 2000 oscilloscope sampling rate provides up to 2 GS/s and 24 kpts of memory and dual and quad channel modes from 70 MHz to 300 MHz. All new WaveAce oscilloscopes have a large 7" widescreen display, 32 automatic measurements, waveform math functions such as powerful debugging tools and pass/fail mask testing, huge internal storage, remote control and waveform recording. LeCroy's The integration of logic analyzers and waveform generators provides extended debugging and testing capabilities, and this powerful combination of WaveAce's best oscilloscopes simplifies the debugging process.

Measurement and Debugging Tools 32 Standard automated measurements, WaveAce simplifies measurements. The large 7" widescreen display can display up to 5 waveforms for uncongested measurements, or display with all 32 measurements at once. A wide range of advanced timing parameters provide insight into the signals on two different channels. The WaveAce oscilloscopes provide additional analysis, including FFTs for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and math functions.FFT can view four different windows and two different vertical scales using a flexible frequency domain view. Substandard stencil tests allow problems that have already occurred and highlight the rapid identification.

Huge internal memory save and review waveforms and settings from internal memory can significantly reduce test and debug time. Many oscilloscopes do not provide enough internal storage space, forcing users to rely on external USB storage. The WaveAce has internal storage space saving up to 20 waveforms, 20 settings and two reference waveforms.

Remote Control All WaveAce models provide a USB host panel for saving screen images, waveforms and settings to Memory Stick ports. Rear panel USB device port that can be connected to a PC or printer. Simplify LeCroy's WaveStudio software provides full access to the oscilloscope's display, measurement, waveform data, and front panel controls to connect and communicate with the computer.

In addition to the basic Oscilloscope WaveAce 1000 and 2000 go beyond a typical oscilloscope are easy to integrate with LogicStudio 16 logic analyzer or WaveStation function/arb generator. When connected to the same computer, any PC in LogicStudio 16 and WaveAce becomes a mixed-signal oscilloscope. Analog, digital and serial bus signal capture, viewing and measurement tools are all integrated on one screen. LogicStudio provides 16 channels of SPI and UART triggering and decoding with I2C, 100 MHz and 1 GS/s logic analysis. WaveAce oscilloscopes and WaveStations connected on the same PC can easily re-capture the signal after transmitting WaveStation WaveAce in the real world. The signals saved in WaveStation can then be used with computer editing software for various mathematics, filtering or editing by point editing tools.

Easy to use Faster debug High performance and WaveAce feature set is controlled by 11 different languages ​​and simplified front panel intuitive user interface. Just press a button and all important controls and menu access on the front panel. All positions and offsets can be reset by simply pressing the appropriate knobs. Press the V/Div knob to switch between fixed and variable gain, and press the T/div knob to switch between zoom modes. Buttons on the front panel, turn on and off the menu or switch mode, backlight, and this mode of operation is easily visible to the user.

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