Hewlett-Packard will sell to Samsung to use webOS

The reporter learned from informed sources that Hewlett-Packard and Samsung have reached an agreement and Hewlett-Packard will sell the rights to use webOS to Samsung. This cooperation will be conducted in a licensing manner.

It is reported that Samsung and Hewlett-Packard have already negotiated on related acquisitions a few days ago. Hewlett-Packard hopes that Samsung will also purchase its personal phone and other hardware business, but Samsung has no interest in this. And it hopes to acquire HP's webOS operating system and related hardware.

Today, relevant sources disclosed that HP will sell the right to use webOS to Samsung and authorize Samsung to use webOS to develop smart phones, tablet computers and other products. It was not that Samsung had previously sent out a complete acquisition of webOS.

According to the reporter's understanding, although HP had previously announced that it had abandoned the hardware production of webOS, it did not stop the maintenance of the operating system. The staff of the original webOS operating system has continued to work from around the 26th of this month. Hewlett-Packard also said that it will continue to provide support for webOS developers, its app store App Catalog is still in operation, and also opened several areas of payment channels, application developers continue to update their applications.

In addition, after Hewlett-Packard abandoned the webOS hardware business, its senior vice president of Hewlett-Packard Stephen DeWitt also stressed that webOS did not die out. Hewlett-Packard will plan to continue to support and update the webOS software. He also believes that licensing the webOS platform compared to For a one-off sale, it will be able to benefit the company for a long time and continue to grasp the potential patent portfolio of this technology. At that time, HP had started negotiations with third-party vendors.