Hengtong High Voltage Cable Company Launches ISO9000 Quality System Certification

On August 15th, Hengtong High-Voltage Cable Co., Ltd. held a full-scale mobilization conference for ISO9000 quality certification management. Currently, it is in the phase of standard training. The next step will be the preparation of program files and the preparation of quality manuals. It will be completed by the end of August. Quality system document implementation, system operation.

The company's leadership attaches great importance to the ISO9000 quality certification work, and requires that everyone scientifically grasp the relationship between certification and other work, everyone involved to ensure the effective operation of the ISO9000 quality management system and improve the level of management. And strive to do solid, fine, and do a good job in the certification of various work, to ensure that the end of this year through the ISO9000 quality system certification audit, access to certification.

According to Feng Huaqiang, general manager of Hengtong High-voltage Cable Co., Ltd., after more than a year of preparatory construction has now entered the equipment installation phase, product trials are about to begin, and is expected to be fully operational in October.

Into the workshop scene, the reporter saw a busy scene of the site, now the company is contending for time, grab the progress, in strict accordance with the planned time node to advance the project.

Hengtong Group, Hengtong Optoelectronics and other leaders attached great importance to the high-voltage submarine cable project, and introduced innovative scientific research teams and leading talents, so that Hengtong High-voltage has the domestic top submarine cable manufacturing technology. Most of the company's key equipment is imported from Germany and has a complete quality management system. It is believed that the company's products will be widely used.