Han Cable encourages "grassroots" technology innovation

In recent years, Han Cable Group has vigorously promoted the technical innovation of its employees. The "Spark" employee innovation team has grown from more than 200 at the beginning to over 200, and it has shown a tendency of "Liaoyuan." Since last year, the Hanbo Group has developed 32 new products through employee technical innovation and innovation. Among them, ultra-high voltage cables, submarine cables, subway cables, optical cables, data cables, and nuclear power plant cables have all been put forward by the country. Develop directional products. In order to cooperate with high-voltage cables, Han cable technicians have designed and produced argon arc welding equipment by referring to foreign technical materials. Their products have been listed in the national research projects, and this alone saves more than 600,000 US dollars for the company. In order to meet the needs of urban and rural power grids, technicians have independently designed and manufactured equipment such as copper drills, 84 shields, and 2 small homeowners' cabling machines based on existing equipment data. This saves companies about 3 million yuan. The technological innovation of these "grassroots characters" has enabled companies to achieve more than 85% conversion of scientific and technological achievements.

In order to encourage the “grassroots” scientific and technological innovation, Han Cable Group implements incentive mechanisms based on technical elements for company technicians and skilled craftsmen, and extracts 10%, 8%, and 5% of net profit every year within three years after the new product is put into production. The award fund is just this one. Each year, the company cashes bonuses by millions. From this year, Hanban will use at least 3% of its revenue each year for technological innovation.