Haier Samsung and other Chinese and Korean companies have entered the Japanese market one after another

According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” report, Chinese and Korean companies that have already occupied a relatively high share of the world market have begun to enter the relatively less Japanese market. The production costs of Chinese and Korean companies are lower than those of Japanese companies, and the quality of many products is equal to or higher than that of Japanese products, which will bring great pressure to Japanese companies.

Haier purchased Sanyo's white goods division in January this year and plans to increase the Sanyo "AQUA" brand product's market share from Japan's current 7% to more than 15% by 2015 and adopt the "Double Brand" strategy to bring Japan to Japan in 2012. Market sales increased by 50 billion yen from the current 10 billion yen.

China's solar cell companies also rely on low-cost advantages to expand exports to the Japanese market. At present, the lowest price of solar modules in Japan is about 200,000 yen, and the price of Chinese export products to European countries is only about 100,000 yen. Suntech, the world's largest solar cell manufacturer, has put the world's most efficient solar panel into the Japanese market and plans to occupy 10% of the Japanese market share in 2012.

Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. has started production of trailers and large- and medium-sized trucks with a carrying capacity of over 4 tons in Japan, and plans to increase sales of large-scale tourist buses in Japan from 50 units in 2011 to more than two times in 2012. In addition, Samsung Electronics plans to start selling HD organic EL LCD TVs in Japan in 2013.

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