Global terrorist attack! "****6" listed at the end of November

Global terrorist attack! "Resident Evil 6" listed at the end of November Today Capcom officially announced that "Resident Evil 6" is being fully developed and will be available on the Microsoft X360 and Sony PS3 consoles by the end of November 2012. The US and European versions will be available on November 20th. The Japanese version was listed on the 22nd.

As for the PC version, Capcom just said that it will be followed up later. The exact time is to be determined.

Since the birth of "Resident Evil" series in 1996, a total of 47 million copies have been sold. It is a signboard of Capcom, and the latest "Resident Evil 5" was released in March 2009. Global shipments by the end of 2011 are 580. Million copies.

The expectations born in Resident Evil 6 are naturally quite high. To this end, the development team is working hard on "the world's most advanced game development environment", "the goal is to create the world's best content in the field of terror entertainment." Capcom also said that cross-platform development is the core strategy of this game and other games.

It has been 10 years since the accident in Raccoon City and the opening of the President of the United States. Leon S, one of the survivors and personal friend of the president. After a biochemical terror attack, Kennedy had to face the president who had been changed so badly and made the most difficult decision in his life. At the same time, Chris Redfield, a member of the Biochemical Terrorism and Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), arrived in China, where he was also threatened by biochemical terrorist attacks. There is no longer any place in the world that is safe. A global crisis has left everyone with hope for survival.

In the new work, Leon and Chris will face an unprecedented threat for the first time, and there will be new characters to join, each with unique personality and skills.

In addition, in order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the "Resident Evil" series, Capcom will also hold a "high-level party of biochemical crisis" today, which includes content declaration of "Resident Evil 6", "Resident Evil: Revelation" creation display, and game preview Play and more.

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