Global Lighting launches single LED lighting device

Global Lighting Technologies has introduced a series of sealed light guide products that use only a single LED to backlight, which reduces the cost of backlight modules. This light guide product uses the company's patented MicroLens technology. Available in diagonal sizes from 0.24" to 15.4", the MicroLens backlighting unit provides single LED monochrome, two-color and three-color backlighting. Applications include digital cameras, digital video cameras, cellular phones, PDA keyboards, programmable touch screen thermal elements, control displays, automotive interior displays and desktop displays. MicroLens' pixel-based light extraction technology enables fully integrated backlighting modules with high brightness, bright colors, ultra-thin profile (up to 0.60mm or less), and better uniformity (average reach Approximately 80-85%), lower power consumption (typically 1mA to 20mA@3.5V). Since fewer components are required for a smaller size, the cost is also reduced. The price of this single LED backlight device is related to its size, design and bulk. When ordering in large quantities, simple single LED backlighting devices can cost less than $1 (for reference only).