Future LED lighting chain model, branding will become the industry development trend

In 2011, it was one of the most popular decorations in LED lighting industry. Stores LED lighting stores, follow-up there will be more and more lighting brands, lighting companies to the market, so that the domestic lighting market, LED lights brand. Buy LED lights must look at the brand, and now there are many brands of LED lights on the market, the lights are not guaranteed after the sale.

As a certain trend of the growth of the lighting industry, the chain model has the same brand, the same operation, the same advantages, and has the characteristics of replication of the success record, and has become the growth trend of the fast-growing lighting industry.

Followed by the group lighting perspective, how to buy home lighting, the formation of contemporary decoration powerful electrical appliances, decoration, is a contemporary family, and lighting business with the subject. In particular, along with a wide range of lighting products, a variety of lighting brands so that consumers are at a loss what to do. However, strong service, professional lighting consumption guide, perfect after-sale service will handle lighting problems. Market survey visit performance, at present more than 60% of households for lighting lighting consumption accounted for more than 10% of the total renovation costs. This also shows that, with the progress in the degree of subsistence, people have put forward higher requirements for lamp applicability, decoration and health. Under the influence of the low carbon perspective, energy-saving lighting and green lighting will be increasingly favored by ordinary people.

The home lighting brand art lamp has grown over the past year, and has formed a lighting brand with brand chains and lighting products. The company has copied more than 500 stores. In 2011, everyone in the lighting industry will be a famous brand in the lighting industry in China. It will surely be deeply involved in the “one-stop” sales philosophy, exemplify the product cost, welcome the consumers with more distinctive products and better service quality, and lead the lighting industry market. Health growth. The ancient town lighting industry as a new industry of contemporary lighting industry has grown over the past ten years and has already formed one, especially in recent years, the domestic lighting market has rapidly emerged, urging the lighting of ancient towns such as Zhongshan, Siu Lam, and Henglan to grow. Many lighting and lighting companies The market has also shifted from the ocean to the domestic and localized products. This has led many lighting companies in the ancient town to become stronger.

Dingxin opened for 30 years, spurring the rapid growth of the domestic economy, especially the rapid development of the real estate industry, bringing the home and decoration market is hot. Since 2005, the domestic lighting chain monopoly began to swell, after nearly six years of growth, domestic brands continue to increase, becoming the mainstream consumption market in the middle and small cities and towns. Buy LED tubes later. All go on the scale of generation, brand monopoly is the point of view. We all work together to make a good development model for the LED lamp business.

In 2011, the lighting industry will surely inherit the past, especially accompanied by the rapid development of LED lighting, energy saving, intelligent lighting will bring more surprises to the lighting market, whether it is home lighting or trading lighting, the industry will certainly become mature and professional. Even if the situation is so spurred by science and technology as a production force, the lighting products are constantly changing and the market continues to diversify. At the same time, standardization, specialization, and branded service must become the lighting industry's growth trend, through increasingly fierce competition. , Let the lighting industry become a paradigm.