Fujitsu quietly enters the SSD industry

Fujitsu quietly enters the SSD industry Previously, a lucrative market for solid-state drives had already been joined by a number of peripheral manufacturers, and it was not unusual for the predators Fujitsu to participate in the war. The retail model of this SSD product exposed by Fujitsu is unknown and its product code is HLACC2031A-G1.

As for specifications, the parameters of this product seem to be ordinary: 120/240GB capacity, using SandForce SF-2281 master and Micron MLC NAND flash memory. The maximum sustained read/write speed is 550/520 MB/s (120GB writes to 500MB/s) and the maximum read/write IOPS is 55000/40000 IOPS. However, in the Youtube found demonstration video, the speed of booting into Windows is actually faster than the Kingston Hyper-X with better parameters, which is not as good as the theoretical test.

At present, Fujitsu's two SSD products have been quietly listed in the Asia-Pacific region. The retail price in Australia is 189/399 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to about 200/420 US dollars. Hong Kong and Taiwan prices are slightly higher on this basis.



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