Frequency High Voltage Ozone Generator 1.2g

Model NO.: HE-110SL
Power Source: AC Source
Operating Principle: Active
Purifying Technology: Ozone
Anion Density: No Ionizer
Portable Air Cleaner for Car, Hotel: High Efficiency Air Sterilizer with UVC Light
Trademark: HIHAP
Transport Package: 1PC/1 CTN
Specification: CE, ROHS
Origin: Guangdong, China
HS Code: 84213910
HE-110  Commercial Ozone generator air purifier
1200mg ozone output, 1 hour timer with continues function
3 washable ozone plates, stainless steel cabinet 
Output control that will produce from 360mg up to 1200 mg per hour of ozone
UV light is for optional

Applications: Air purifier with ozone technology are widely used in air cleaning industry, especial for commercial purpose.
Restaurants, Bars, Delis, Coffee Shops, Smoking Bars, Casinos, Pool Halls, Bingo Parlors, Pubs, Mold, Mildew, Large Classrooms, Large Office Rooms, Large Restrooms, Larger Houses, Condominiums, Rental Properties, Water and Flood Damage, Heavy Tobacco Odors, Fire and Smoke Damage, Locker Rooms, Kitchens, Tour Buses, Yachts, Pet and Animal Odors. Convenient for longer term sanitizing during times when the space is not occupied.

Optional: Black and silver color
Warranty: 3 years


Frequency High Voltage Ozone Generator 1.2g

Foldable handle, large UV lamp, big flow, portable and easy maintenance

Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses
1. Sterilization: Destroys a variety of bacteria and viruses efficiently without Secondary pollution.
2. Deodorization: Completely removes mold, cigarette smoke etc.
3. Oxygen increasing: Improves oxygen level for air
4. Health: Purifies air, promotes human metabolism.


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