Foxconn acquires overseas plants to further expand LCD TV production capacity

According to market sources, Foxconn EL ectronics plans to acquire the Sony Slovak LCD TV assembly plant to enter the European market and further expand its LCD TV shipments and foundry business.
Foxconn Electronics acquired Sony's LCD TV assembly plant in Mexico last year, and in the fourth quarter of 2009, it received orders for LCD TVs from Sony in North America. The source also said that thanks to top-tier suppliers, including Sony and Samsung Electronics' LCD TV orders, in 2010, Foxconn LCD TV shipments are expected to exceed 12 million units.

According to sources, in 2010, Foxconn is expected to receive 5 million LCD TV orders from Sony, 3 million Samsung, 2 million LG Electronics, and Vizio's 2 million LCD TV orders.

According to sources, in 2010, Sony LCD TV shipments are expected to reach 20-25 million units, 40% of which will be contracted by other manufacturers, up from 5% in 2009. Sources pointed out that Wistron will also receive orders for Sony's LCD TVs.

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