Fox Cloud lets your smart TV and set-top box use video app permanently

what? Smart TVs and smart TV set-top boxes cannot watch live TV and online video. We are not afraid that the folk ROM team has brought fox ROM to everyone, aiming at smart TVs and set-top boxes to provide users with safe, simple and easy-to-use ROM. Let your smart TV, smart TV set-top box can continue to watch live and on-demand.
Fox Cloud lets your smart TV and set-top box use video app permanently

1, support web-side remote download. (With a local area network computer input box current ip, you can experience the computer control your box download various)

2, support Thunder remote off-line download. (Utilize the Thunder offline function to enjoy real-time control of the computer remote download box, Shenma seeds, no code is a cloud)

3. Support multi-screen interaction (DLNA), share your happiness with family and friends.

4, support for real-time monitoring of the current use of the network box, always concerned about the speed.

5, support box custom software startup function, so that your box is no longer stuck.

6, support for local high-definition player, and offline download perfect match.

7. The recent radio and television broadcasting has severely hit TV video applications that were taken off the shelves, including the pptv, iQiyi, and Sohu videos available on the box. (The fox ROM has been cracked and optimized to ensure that it can be used on TV)

8, support for providing online and local upgrades.

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