Experts: OLED industry layout regional development should be macro-control

In response to the current development of the domestic organic light-emitting diode (OLED) industry, Qiu Yong, a professor at Tsinghua University, said at the 2010 China Flat Panel Display Conference held in Shanghai on the 16th that it needs resource integration and appropriate macro-control of industrial layout and regional development priorities. . O LED is regarded as the new flat panel display technology with the greatest development potential after LCD and PDP. As a global electronics manufacturing and consumer power, China is also regarded as the world's largest OLED application market. CCID Consulting predicts that in the next three years, as the demand for consumer electronics terminals continues to increase, China's demand for OLED panels will grow rapidly.
Qiu Yong believes that the development of OLED industry has important strategic significance for China. OLED technology will gradually mature after 10 to 15 years and become one of the mainstream display technologies in the future. China's development of OLED is conducive to breaking foreign “display” of core resources. Monopoly is a major opportunity to change the development model of China's display industry and establish China's innovative display industry.
However, at the same time, China's OLED industry still faces an imperfect industrial chain, and the localization rate is less than 20%; high-quality, low-cost production technology needs further development; AMOLED technology development and industrialization have a large gap with foreign countries. Other issues.
Qiu Yong suggested that in order to better develop China's OLED industry, we must first establish an OLED technology innovation system combining production, education and research. State-led, enterprise participation, establishment of OLED National Engineering Laboratory or OLED National Engineering Center, and building it into a full-oriented The industry has opened up a common technology R&D and transformation platform, and supports talent cultivation, supporting horizontal and vertical integration and cooperation; secondly, cultivating internationally competitive leading enterprises and introducing certain policies to encourage industrial development, including industrial layout, investment and financing. Special supporting policies such as finance, taxation, special funds, and talents, concentrating resources to support leading enterprises that can participate in international competition, and cultivating leading enterprises with international competitiveness; once again, we must do a good job in supporting industrial chain such as equipment research and raw material development. .

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