Everlight released 2011 earnings per share after tax of 3.14 yuan

Yiguang Electronics' consolidated revenue in 2011 was NT$18.642 billion, up 8.71% year-on-year; operating margin was NT$4.608 billion, year-on-year decrease of 11.79%, gross profit margin was 24.72%, operating profit was NT$1.482 billion, and after-tax profit NT$1,305 million, NT$43.79%, earnings per share (EPS) of 3.14 yuan, and a surplus of 2.5 yuan per share.

Yiguang said that the consolidated gross profit margin in 2011 was down by more than 5 percentage points compared with 29.91% in 2010, mainly due to the continuous decline in LED unit price, product mix changes, and low production rate. However, Yiguang also actively increased product yields and reduced costs, coupled with the downward adjustment of upstream raw material prices, which has relatively support for the decline in gross profit margin.

At present, Yiguang Operation Headquarters has been moved from Shicheng, Xinbei City, to Shilin, Tucheng as a research and development and quality assurance laboratory. In addition to the main production base in Taiwan, the Suzhou Wujiang and Guangdong Zhongshan Plants are located in the mainland.

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