Eight nuclear Kai Bol H9 massive real shot map tour

With the advent of the eight-core era, 64bit brings you a whole new experience. Kaibor H9 high-definition television box, which was created by domestic famous brand Kai Bor, was formally launched on July 6. Its built-in industry's most mainstream 64bit Rockchip RK3368 true eight-core chip, Android 5.1 operating system and open Bor exclusive KIUI 7.0 interface, performance is extremely powerful and stable. At present, this first-class workmanship, configuration of the top eight nuclear open Boer H9 TV box has come to Tvhome evaluation room, exquisite design sense let Xiaobian put it down, and took the lead in the mass out of the box evaluation pictures, like friends come Let's see.

Kai Bor H9 Tour

Kai Bor H9 Tour

Kai Bor H9 Tour

Kai Bor H9 Tour

For the evaluation, please refer to: sofa evaluation group Kai Bor H9 new focus, hardware solid flagship performance http://bbs.shafa.com/thread-252411-1-1.html

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