"Double Billion" Project Builds R&D and Production Base for Global Fiber Optic Connector

Held by the Hebei Provincial Federation of Industrial Economics and the Federation of Hebei Provincial Economic Organizations, organized by the Hebei Provincial Information Industry and Information Association and Hebei Sifang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Hebei Provincial Communications Administration, and Shijiazhuang City Government With the support of the Yucheng City Government, the “Hebei Provincial Optical Communication Outstanding Enterprise Awarding Ceremony and China Optical Fiber 2011 Annual Outstanding Corporate Publicity and Promotion Conference” was held in the China Hotel in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference Zhao Wenhe and Vice Governor of the Provincial Government Secretary-General Yu Wankui, Deputy Mayor of Shijiazhuang City, Liu Mingxuan, and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Liu Yongting and other leaders jointly witnessed this grand event.

At the ceremony, Cao Yanying, secretary-general of the Provincial Information Industry and Information Association, introduced Hebei Sifang Communications Co., Ltd. as an entrepreneur from a small, privately-owned private enterprise that has become the largest optical fiber connector manufacturer in China. Zhang Yonglu, general manager of Hebei Sifang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced the strategic plan of Sifang Communications in the next five years with the theme of “building an R&D and production base for China's fiber optic connector and building an internationally-renowned large enterprise group”.

Zhang Yonglu said that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Sifang Communications will start the implementation of the "Double Billion" project: the company's market value will reach 10 billion yuan in five years, and the company's sales revenue will exceed 10 billion in seven years, making the company a high-tech, modernized company. , An internationally-renowned large-scale enterprise group with strength and scale. In order to realize the “Double Billion” project target on schedule, the theme report introduced the company’s four major strategies:

First, expand production capacity and enlarge and strengthen the industrial platform. In the next five years, through the implementation of technological transformation and the construction of a new production line, the annual output of the company's fiber optic connectors will reach 27 million units, making it the world's largest R&D and production base for fiber optic connectors.

Second, adjust the product structure and do a long-term optimization of the industrial chain. In the next five years, the company intends to invest 5 billion yuan to build 9 high-tech product projects such as soft optical fiber cables, skin optical fiber cables, butterfly optical fiber cables, ceramic ferrules, optical sensors, optical splitters, and preform drawing. Industry chain.

Third, persist in innovation and development, and develop a road of “combination of production, learning and research”. In the next five years, the company will establish a long-term cooperation mechanism with famous universities and R&D institutions at home and abroad, and establish post-doctoral scientific research workstations, provincial-level optical communication technology laboratories and provincial-level enterprise technology centers. For the follow-up development of enterprises to provide strong technical support.

Fourth, implement a talent strategy and establish a lean and efficient management team. In the next five years, the company will focus on entrusted training, attracting talents to the world, and attract talents. At the same time, it will establish an all-optical network training school to provide talent protection for sustainable development.

It is reported that the parent company of Hebei Sifang Communication Co., Ltd., China Fiber Optic Network System Group Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 14, 2011. With an impressive 52.5% growth in domestic sales, the company won the "2011 Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise" award during the 8th Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise Tour.

In this ceremony, it was honored to be the “Outstanding Enterprise in Hebei Optical Communication” and “China's largest R&D and production base for optical fiber connectors” as a new starting point, making full use of the electronic information industry, a global sunrise industry development company, to become even China. The leader in the global fiber optic connector industry. In 2012, we expect that Hebei Sifang Communications will once again become the focus of much attention in the optical communications industry.

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