Discrete sensors in the machine tool industry

Discrete sensors in the machine tool industry Discrete sensors generally include photoelectric switches, proximity switches, gratings, encoders, etc. These are often used together to become a faster growing team in sensors. Especially in recent years discrete sensors have increased very rapidly. The application area has also been further expanded.

Discrete sensors have a wide range of applications in the machine tool industry, and photoelectric sensors, proximity switches, gratings and other discrete sensor products have applications. For example, limit switches are used on the machine tool to realize the overtravel protection of the moving parts of the machine tool, photoelectric switches, proximity switches, etc. are used to achieve some functions such as detection, protection, feedback, and status confirmation; the grating is widely used. Closed-loop control of the CNC system to improve the accuracy of CNC machine tools; if the machine must be required to achieve a certain degree of security protection, you must use a security switch or light curtain and so on. As discrete sensors are used as weak electrical devices, there are many installation locations in the mechatronics equipment and systems, the installation space is small, and the installation environment is relatively poor. In addition to focusing on product features and volume, people pay more attention to performance. Although the control system has a redundant design, the performance requirements for discrete sensors are still very demanding. Therefore, the reliability of discrete sensors and the performance indicators for harsh environment tolerance are still very important.

Different types and types of machine tools have different requirements for sensors. According to the World Network of Instrument and Meters, the requirements of the machine tool for the sensor are strong in reliability and anti-interference ability; it can meet the requirements of corresponding accuracy and running speed or response speed; and it is convenient to use and maintain, and is suitable for the operating environment of the machine tool. However, it cannot be ignored that with the increase of the application range of sensor products and the constant application of new application requirements for machine tools by machine tool manufacturers, some sensor products suitable for harsh environments have gradually been favored by users. Li Ronghua introduced: The use environment is worse than other industries, and there are factors such as vibration, humidity, dust, oil, etc. Therefore, users expect them to have extremely high stability, reliability, and economy. Discrete sensor products with corrosion, anti-electromagnetic interference and other characteristics will be more and more widely used in the machine tool industry. With the continuous development of network technology, sensors can be connected to industrial networks or even the Internet through certain means, so that the sensors have more The features and stronger adaptability. Li Ronghua believes that this is also one of the ways to reduce the chance of severe environmental interference. At the same time, network interconnection has also raised several requirements for the development of discrete sensors, such as increasing the degree of integration, enhancing the awareness of modular design, and increasing the level of standardization.

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