Derun Electronics intends to issue 40 million shares

Derun Electronics (002055, shares it) announced today that it plans to issue additional shares of no more than 40 million shares, and the funds raised will be invested in five projects including CPU connector product construction.

The issue target includes no more than 10 investors such as securities companies and fund companies, and the issue price is not less than 15.03 yuan per share. The non-public offering is expected to raise 600 million yuan, and the net proceeds will be about 570 million yuan. It is used for CPU connector product construction, double-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory socket production technology transformation, LED connectors, automotive connectors and Five projects including wire harness and R&D center construction.

Bluetooth Headphone/Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones/Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

 Items introduction:

We are works on Wireless Bluetooth Headphones/Noise Cancelling bluetooth headphones

1: Function:Bluetooth, Microphone,Noise Reduction

2: Feature: High quality with  1 pcs of bluetooth headphone, 1 charging cable

3:Use for :PC / mobile Phone /listening music and  suit for Bluetooth device

Its can attractive to purchase and use for the customer.

Items as below:

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones,Anc Bluetooth Headset,Bluetooth Headset,Bluetooth Earphones

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