Delta's comprehensive layout of the mainland to increase LED development efforts

With the rapid integration of LED products into human daily life, coupled with the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, Delta Electronics, which is committed to energy conservation and carbon reduction in its products, has gradually adopted LED as one of the focuses of industrial layout and technological innovation. Its subsidiary, Zhongda Dentsu, also said that in the next 3-4 years, it will focus on expanding the three application fields of LED Display, LED lighting and video wall display.

According to Chen Rongrang, manager of LED Lighting Products Department of Zhongda Dentsu, "At present, Delta LED lighting products have been piloted in Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing, Suzhou, Fuzhou, etc., and jointly held with the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and the Street Lamp Institute. Delta LED Street Light Product Exchange Promotion Conference.” At the same time, Zhongda Dentsu has launched the promotion business and service of Delta LED lighting products in 35 business platforms across the country. On the sales road of Delta LED lighting products, Zhongda Electric Tong will also go further and further.

With the rapid integration of LED products into human daily life and the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, the market demand for low-energy emerging LED street lighting products has increased. With its 30 years of deep cultivation in the lighting industry and its leading technical strength in the fields of power supply, heat dissipation, optics and mechanism, Delta Electronics has successfully launched a series of new LED lighting products, including street lighting, general lighting, special lighting, and Major application markets such as automotive lighting. Moreover, detailed design and planning have been done on epitaxial flow, packaging technology, power electronics, optical design, heat dissipation countermeasures and mechanism design. Delta Electronics has been vertically integrated in LED lighting. It has not yet entered the raw materials and epitaxy stage, but has made relevant strategic integration or investment layout from chips, LED packages and LED lamps.

In addition, the person in charge of LED display of Delta also said that “Delta will launch LED splicing display products on a large scale. This front-end has already reached a considerable scale in the field of large-screen splicing display, and will use this advantage to cut into the LED market.” Delta's LED products are produced through standardization, mold and platform production. Delta's power supply design can increase the efficiency of LED display systems to over 90%. Recently, in order to meet the individual needs of different customers, Zhongda Dentsu has further improved its product line, carried out localized design and research and development of LED display products, and combined with previous high-end products, it can provide tailor-made products and services for different customers. , completely seamlessly docking customer needs.

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