Delip Optoelectronics releases LED fluorescent lamp power with 95% efficiency

Shenzhen LED lighting power supplier Shenzhen Delip Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. released LED fluorescent lamps with 95% efficiency. Delipe said that it uses optimized and streamlined system design to combine the components and protection circuits of traditional LED lighting power supplies. Packaged together to minimize BOM cost and performance based on established application requirements.

It is understood that this architecture is actually integrated AC-DC rectification part into the control module of Delipu LED fluorescent lamp power supply, and the different functions of LED power supply are made into an application module of different units. Simplify and use multiple combinations to effectively reduce the voltage difference between the output and the AC input, so that the single-ended drive mode with lower efficiency, higher cost, larger heat generation and larger volume is no longer needed, and the integrated module is realized. The idea and concept of design.

The energy conversion efficiency of the traditional LED fluorescent lamp is mainly determined by the product of the following two parts of efficiency, namely: the efficiency of the AC-DC conversion part and the efficiency of the DC-DC constant current part. Although the energy conversion efficiency of these two parts can exceed 90%, the efficiency of the two parts is difficult to exceed 90%. The LED power supply modular architecture technology effectively eliminates the AC-DC conversion part of the circuit, so the efficiency is greatly improved.

Delip has developed two DALI-BHH series high performance, high power factor, power modular architecture LED drivers optimized for LED light source applications. The DALI-BHH series of green power factor corrected constant current drivers are allowed to be cancelled. The traditional LED fluorescent lamp requires the input-to-output electrolytic filter capacitor and high-frequency transformer, which greatly improves the overall service life of the system. The overall structure of the external system is very simple, which enables any LED fluorescent lamp application developer to quickly introduce new products. .

Delip pointed out that the company has officially released the DALI-BHH series of LED fluorescent lamp power supply. It can provide customers with LED fluorescent lamp module components with a maximum power of 6-20W, and the price is very competitive.

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Auto Assorted Lamp Kits

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