Dalian power grid construction completed a total of 1.775 billion yuan in solid investment

On December 5th, the author learned from the Dalian Power Supply Company in Liaoning that as of now, Dalian power grid construction has completed a total of 1.775 billion yuan in fixed asset investment, and it is expected to complete a total investment of 2.05 billion yuan by the end of the year. Substantial progress has been made in key projects, providing a strong and reliable power guarantee for Dalian to achieve a sound and rapid economic and social development.

Dalian Power Grid is an important part of Liaoning Power Grid. All along, the Liaoning Provincial Company has continuously increased its investment in Dalian Power Grid, and Dalian Power Grid Development has entered the “fast track”. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Dalian Power Grid completed construction investment of 11.403 billion yuan. Newly added 52 substations with 66 kV or more substations, adding a total of 13067.55 megawatts of new substation capacity and 2621.79 kilometers of new transmission lines of 66 kilovolts and above. The reliability of urban power supply increased from 99.91% to 99.95%.

Since the beginning of this year, the Dalian company has continued to strengthen the construction of a strong smart grid, and has signed the “Entrustment Agreement for the Early Period of the Power Grid Construction Project and Land Acquisition and Demolition Work” with the governments of 13 counties (cities, districts), and implemented the localization management of the pre-project work, 220 Great progress was made in the preliminary work of the Kvukang East and Yuhua projects. Dalian Company fully promoted the preliminary work of the flexible DC project in Jinzhou New District to the south of the urban area. Harbin-Dalian Passenger Dedicated Line 220kV Hongliang and Handan shop traction stations are in good operation, key project projects are proceeding in an orderly manner, 66Kv smart substation, distribution automation project and power fiber-to-the-home project are completed and put into operation. The 500 kV Yanshui Substation achieved boost operation. The 220 kV bus-tie of the Wutun Substation was successfully re-opened. The Dalian Power Grid achieved the goal of partitioning the North-South system and effectively solved the short-circuit capacity problem of the 220 kV system.

In the next step, Dalian will focus on the construction of key projects and will implement targeted grid projects in accordance with regional grid structure and regional economic development needs. Satisfy the needs of economic development in Jinzhou New District, Dalian Bay and other districts and counties, solve the problem of insufficient capacity for substations; ensure the smooth opening of Danda electrified railway, provide power supply for the Danda Passenger Dedicated Line, and strengthen the Central and South Central Ring Network Shelf in the city; Improve grid power supply reliability.