CSR BlueCore7 solution is the first to pass Bluetooth low energy certification

CSR BlueCore7 solution is the first to pass Bluetooth low energy certification

CSR Corporation (London Stock Exchange: CSR.L) recently announced that soon after the Bluetooth technology alliance announced the adoption of the Bluetooth low energy standard, CSR ’s BlueCore7 multi-function wireless Bluetooth solution designed for Bluetooth low energy products has obtained Bluetooth technology alliance certification .

Independent market analysts predict that a series of new applications will make extensive use of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology and benefit from ultra-low power and low-power connections. These applications may include personal health care, sports and leisure, security, smart energy and home entertainment, etc. The ConTInua Health Alliance has now incorporated Bluetooth low energy wireless technology into its next edition of the guide. In addition, CSR believes that Bluetooth low energy technology will also be used in indoor positioning to further promote the development of positioning technology.

"CSR plays a central role in promoting this standard. It has unique insights into wireless technology and powerful tracking and recording technology." Dr. Michael Foley, Executive Director of the Bluetooth Technology Alliance, commented, "Bluetooth low energy technology will expand The existing ecosystem has created opportunities for new applications and new devices. This is likely to arouse the interest of many consumers, who have very different requirements for the use of wireless connections. We will find these devices from home to handbags, Everywhere from the car to the golf course. "

CSR is one of the pioneers of Bluetooth low energy technology. In April 2008, at the Continua Health Alliance Medical Conference held in Luxembourg, CSR publicly demonstrated Bluetooth low energy technology for the first time. BlueCore7 developed by CSR was officially launched in July 2008 and will support this new ultra-low power technology.

CSR continues to play an important role in promoting the Bluetooth Low Energy Consumption Standards approved by the Bluetooth SIG. CSR's Robin Heydon serves as the co-chair of the Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Alliance Ultra Low Power Working Group.

"The emergence of the fourth-generation Bluetooth standard has taken a new step toward our goal of continuously providing consumers with connectivity technology." Said Kanwar Chadha, CSR's chief marketing officer. "The most attractive thing about Bluetooth low energy is that CSR believes it It will provide a brand new wireless experience. This includes the convenience of wireless connection, the long battery life of various accessories and devices. This is the subtlety of this technology. We look forward to seeing Bluetooth low energy in new mainstream consumer products Adopted. "

The CSR strategy aims to establish an ecosystem of Bluetooth low energy devices. CSR's scalable, modular BlueCore architecture is designed to support single and dual-mode Bluetooth low energy devices. The current focus is on providing dual-mode Bluetooth low energy platforms, including the low power consumption capabilities of mobile phones, personal computers and netbooks.

Devices with dual-mode Bluetooth technology can support both traditional Bluetooth technology (currently 3Mbps EDR technology) and new low-power standards. Products embedded with CSR dual-mode Bluetooth low energy devices will provide enhanced performance of complete traditional Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth low energy technology, and Bluetooth high-speed technology.

CSR's products support Bluetooth low energy technology and will provide support to the end users of BlueCore products to help them enjoy a new wireless experience, such as a battery life of up to several years and an operating range of more than 50 meters.

How to Select the Best Grow Light for your Greenhouse?

The plant needs light to thrive cause the light is essental for photosynthesis.without it,plants can not make food.but light can also be too intense,too hot or last too long for growing healthy plants.plant growth accelerates with abundant light because more of the plant`s leaves have exposure,which means more photosynthesis.in the winter,days are not long enough,but many plants still need 12 hours or more of light per day.

Now,adding Led Grow Lights to your greenhouse is an nice choice if you live in the north, and can not get enough daylight in winter.you might be take HID into consideration,cause it has high output and cover a wide area.but now,we providing you some dfferent.the newest type of grow lights use LED technology.

Provides Maximum Light Density and optimizing spectrum(410nm-740nm,white)
as we know that the plants need more light from the blue side of the spectrum during their seedling stage and when developing foliage and require light from the orange to red side of the spectrum while inblooming and fruiting phases. We adopting lastest intergrated COB technology, white , more red and blue PAR(410-740nm) per Watt than any other lighting fixture  for the best color uniformity.

Dual Veg and Bloom for plant growth and bloom
the LED Grow Lights feature selectable VEG and BLOOM light spectrums to deliver maximum performance from seeding through the flower stage and finally harvest.

Increase yields and potency
using high quality lense that hyper-focus the lights on your canopy.the photons are beamed directly to the plants.this gives growers the ability to get greatest possible crop yield.

Reduce your costs with energy efficiency
energy-efficient cannabis grow lights cost between 40%-60% less to operate compared to HID lam year.
Led Grow Light also eliminate the needs for ballasts and reflectors while they minimize the cooling systems,accelerating your payback.you will see the electrical bills trimmed by approximately half,year after year.

Installs and operates simply
the input voltage is AC100V-240V,fit for the world standard,built-in power supply.do not need other equipment,just access to the Plug,the lamp will be work smoothly. The Led Grow Lighting is small size,just few inches and easy to install.it is the good option for some greenhouse.

Long lifespan
using built-in quiet fans and the shutter in the wind,induced draftfrom all sides.runs with quiet. Useadvanced isolation power supply and soft start protection technology, to prevent the high voltage when turn on the light from damagingthe lamp body.

What' the best Indoor LED Grow Light ?The definition of Philizon : 
Safe and Reliable(Meet the safety requirments around the world)
Effective(Good efficacy for the plants)
Energy Conservation(High efficiency and high PPFD in same power)
Long life(Use long life span elements)
Soft and comfortable lights(No Harmful,Flicker free,protect your eyes)

- Water-cooling design, 20°C+ lower than fan-cooling design
- Vac100-265 universal input voltage
- Advanced secondary optical lens design for penetration
- Smart over-heat protection system 
- Product designed to ETL standards
- Completely noise-free with water-cooling system
- Effectual spectrums proven by professionals
- Quick slide-into-track system to combine two or more LED fixtures together

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Indoor LED Grow light

Indoor led grow light

 Full Spectrum Indoor Led Grow Light and High PAR

Indoor led grow light

Indoor led grow light


Our professional full spectrum Indoor LED grow light are suitable for all the indoor plants and good for seeding, growth,flowering and fruiting stages of plants, increasing the harvest and Saving energy.  

Philizon Indoor LED Grow Lights by Light Efficient Design provide growers a better solution for reliable and effective agricultural lighting. Light Efficient Design has been making LED retrofit lamps for over six years, and has a strong product lineup, proven designs, and excellent reliability. And now, our energy-efficient, money-saving products are helping to promote success in indoor farming and commercial greenhouses.

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