Corporate "Happy Valley" LED energy-saving lamps difficult to enter the home

"LED energy-saving lamps extended from landscape lighting to functional lighting, and ultimately from the outside into the home is the general trend." Zhang Yusen, general manager of Shijiazhuang Huawei Kaide Technology Development Co., Ltd. said that LED lamps are long-lived, fast response features, but also very suitable Develop smart applications. For example, it is very convenient to use infrared-controlled LED corridor lights, night lights, stair lights, etc. without having to clap, stomp, or cough.

Recently, the reporter discovered that many household lighting products such as Shilihe, Ruifeng International, and Wanjia Lighting, which have visited Beijing, began to flood the lighting market. "The higher price of LED lights has affected consumers' desire to purchase." A dealer at Beijing Wanjia Lighting Lamps City stated that, for example, in the Beijing market, 3-watt LED lights sell for 20 yuan and 7-watt surges. To 90 yuan; and energy-saving fluorescent lamps usually can be bought around 10 yuan, incandescent lamps for only 1 yuan.

“At present, LED lighting is not suitable for master lighting.” Mr. Liu, a Beijing citizen who used LED ceiling lamps, said that LED lights do indeed save electricity and environmental protection, but they are too bright, too dazzling, and have to switch back to ordinary energy-saving lamps.

At present, domestic LED home lighting still has some problems. "One is the problem of heat dissipation. At present, domestic craftsmanship uses aluminum radiators. If the radiator is stuck on the LED chip, it will affect the life of the LED lamp. Second, it is a problem of adjusting the brightness. This requires a controller. To adjust.” Zhao Wei, vice president of Beijing Patriots New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., said that if domestic companies are only concerned about "staking", do not focus on technology research and development and meet market demand, LED energy-saving lamps will be difficult to really Enter the home market.