Corning Launches Third Generation Gorilla Glass for Apple

Corning Launches Third Generation Gorilla Glass for Apple On the 4th of the month, according to foreign media reports, iPhone5S and iPad5 will use Gorilla Glass 3 (Corning 3rd Generation Gorilla Glass).

Corning’s glass does have a strong relationship with Apple. Corning’s glass was mentioned in Steve Jobs’ biography. A few weeks before the first iPhone was released, Jobs called the CEO of Corning and asked Corning to produce large-scale gorilla glass for the iPhone.

According to statistics, starting from the first generation of iPhone, Apple began to use Corning's glass, and the next generation of iPhone5S and iPad5 certainly can not be separated from Corning Glass.

Earlier, Corning announced in advance the third-generation Gorilla Glass 3 to be launched at CES next week. It is reported that the third-generation gorilla glass will be more scratch-resistant than before, and the overall hardness has also been greatly improved.

According to reports, friction resistance has always been the core technology pursued by Corning, and NDR technology can significantly increase the overall hardness of the glass, and it is more scratch-resistant.

Today, Apple’s old partner, Corning, is launching third-generation Gorilla Glass, which was developed specifically for Apple’s next-generation iPhone5S and iPad5, using Corning’s exclusive Native Damage Resistance technology.

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