"Contract Energy Management" Project of Energy Saving Light Source of Shenzhen Expressway Lighting Project

The third prize of the evaluation result of the Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award (outdoor/bridge, road)

Project Name: "Contract Energy Management" Project of Energy Saving Light Source of Shenzhen Expressway Lighting Project

Reporting unit: Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Project Description

   Shenzhen Expressway LED Lighting Project (ie: “Contract Energy Management Project” for Energy Saving Light Sources of Shenzhen Expressway Lighting Project), as the first large-scale application of LED lighting highway projects in China, including Shenzhen Jihe Expressway, Nanguang Expressway, and Dragon The 120-kilometer LED streetlight and tunnel lighting project, including the Daqing Expressway, Yanba Expressway and Dameisha Tunnel, is the first expressway project for large-scale application of LED streetlights in China, and is also the most widely used LED streetlight in China. Long-term, technically demanding highway LED lighting project. The project was successfully completed, breaking the statement that LED lighting can not be used for the main road, and it has a significant significance for the promotion and application of LED in China.

The project includes the Jihe Expressway West, Jihe Expressway East, Nanguang Expressway, Longda Expressway, Yanba Expressway and Dameisha Tunnel in Shenzhen, with a total length of 120 kilometers. Two-way six-lane, single 3*3.75m+1*2.75m, central isolation zone typical 3.5m, 匝 road width 10.5m or 8.5m. The Dameisha Tunnel has a single length of 1,540 meters + 1520 meters. The high pole lamp has a total of 54 bases. The main line standard section, the main line bridge section and the ramp road lighting are all adopted by the "Apollo" series of LED street lighting products that Qinshang Optoelectronics enjoys in the international market. Among them, the main line standard section and the main line bridge section are illuminated by 126×2W LED light source (lamp number: RL2R1126A3455SGV22), with a total of 4565 sets of lamps; the ramp road lighting adopts 56×2WLED light source (lamp number: RL2R1056A345SGV22), a total of 712 sets of lamps; For the replacement of high pole lights, the total use of 1320 盏 LED lights; the project to replace the Dameisha tunnel lights, a total of 1260 盏 LED lights to replace the original high-pressure sodium lamps.

Design plan description:

1 Main line, bridge: middle cloth light, light pole spacing 40m, binding height 13m, lamp arm length 2m; LED street light 210W, motor vehicle road average illumination 22LX.

2 匝 Road: single side cloth, the pole spacing is 30m, the height of the lamp is 9m, the length of the lamp arm is 1.5m; the LED street light is 90W, and the average illumination of the motorway is 14LX.

325m high pole light: 24盏210W-LED lamp for each pole, the average illuminance is 37.5Lx within a radius of 50m.

430m high pole light: 24盏210W-LED lamp for each pole, the average illuminance is 30Lx within a radius of 50m.

The Shenzhen Expressway LED Lighting Project was successfully completed, ending the history that China's LED lighting can not be used for main roads. It has set a successful example for the promotion and application of road lighting products for LED lighting companies in China, and has promoted and applied LED lighting products in China. Important practical significance.

Innovations in lighting design concepts, methods, etc.:

The “Contract Energy Management” project of the energy-saving light source of Shenzhen Expressway Lighting Project adopts the green lighting design concept of “human eye comfort, environmental friendliness, high efficiency and energy saving” as the core, and takes the innovative design as the center to design and design LED lighting products. Integration of various fields of electricity, heat, optics, etc., extensive interdisciplinary research and innovative design cooperation, providing a total solution for the light environment for different environmental needs and market needs, truly achieving the perfect integration of people, light and environment. The overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level.

The main innovations are as follows:

(1) The first EMC energy-saving management model for large-scale projects in China. Compared with traditional lighting, energy saving is up to 50%. After three years of project implementation, the standard illuminance Eav: 20lx, illuminance uniformity UE: 0.4, average brightness Lav: 2.0cdm2, brightness uniformity Uo: 0.4, longitudinal uniformity UL : 0.7; environmental ratio SR: 0.5; high-illumination illumination radius 80 m at the minimum illumination value of 10lx high acceptance specifications.

(2) The successful application of LED lighting technology to highway lighting for the first time is a concentrated display of the development achievements of LED lighting technology in China.

(3) The project uses a number of independent innovation technologies. For the main road and ramp road function applications, the independent design of the new light distribution: asymmetric bias light (TYPE III), better to solve the wide (road width) high (rod height) ratio of 2.75:1, to meet the 12-lane wide road The requirements of road surface illumination range and functional illumination, the vertical rectangular spot is more reasonable, and the longitudinal brightness uniformity is greatly improved, which effectively solves the current zebra crossing and anti-spot problem.

(4) In view of the defects of the traditional high pole lamp and the characteristics of the LED light source, the innovative design of the high pole lighting is adopted: in different areas of high pole application, the distribution of the irradiated objects is different, and a high pole multiple lamps are used. Accurate combination of light, such as TYPEIII optical dress, TYPEIII optical reverse, TYPEIV light combination, etc., lighting applications are more refined, more reasonable, more humane.

Editor: Li Jie

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