"Consumer Extended Service Standards" lacks mandatory effect

The “Household Extended Service Compliance Specification” was implemented on December 1st. This is the first domestic extended warranty service specification. However, after careful reading, the author found that this norm did not really "fall in place." Due to lack of coercion, the industry's normative effect was doubtful.

Extended warranty is to extend the warranty period of the appliance. It is a service that is derived from the short warranty period for the appliance. Consumers can only pay for this service.

Extended warranty services for home appliances have been developed in Europe, America and Japan for more than 40 years. Since 2003, extended warranty services have been introduced into China. According to industry sources, there may be hundreds of companies in the country providing this service.

However, due to the lack of extended warranty service standards, some unqualified companies have become involved in this field. In recent years, there have been increasing complaints about extended warranty services for home appliances. This is also the original intention of the Appliance Repair Association to develop this line of regulations. Therefore, the new specification requires that the practitioners of home appliance extended warranty services have relevant qualifications and require the home appliance extension service provider to set up a special maintenance account within the company to prevent the risk of extended warranty services.

It seems that this specification seems very detailed, but its operability and specificity are not worth mentioning. In many cases, the extended warranty period for home appliance repair is provided by a third-party service provider contracted with an extended warranty vendor. Most consumers believe that the extended warranty is provided by the original manufacturer, which often leads to misunderstandings.

In fact, the extended warranty service for home appliances is not a continuation of the “three guarantees”, and sales companies often do not take the initiative to explain this point. When purchasing extended warranty services, consumers must be sure about where they are responsible for maintenance and make written agreements. Keep evidence such as purchase tickets and extended warranty services.

When Best Buy withdrew from China this year, it triggered the collective surrender of Chinese consumers. A person involved in the extended warranty service stated that “Best Buy’s extended warranty service provider is Xinkean, and future warranty service is still provided by Xinkean.” If the service provider also fails, the consumer’s service may be It's really nothing. Therefore, the person in the industry advises consumers that when they choose to extend their services, they still try to choose large companies in order to truly avoid risks.

Therefore, a non-compulsory industry regulation only regulates a written agreement. As for whether consumers can get a reliable guarantee, they must rely on consumers to identify themselves. (Lin Qiling)

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Suning's year-end promotions up to 40%

Yesterday, Beijing Suning announced that it will focus on launching year-end revelry campaigns including the trade-in replacements, energy-saving subsidies, help-subsidy subsidies, and end-of-year nonprofits, and unveil the year-end promotion.

This week, Beijing Suning will launch a trade-in exchange between the main ten flagship stores including Lenovo Bridge, Chaoyang Road, North Taipingzhuang, Sijiqing Bridge and Liujiayao this weekend. By then, Suning will break the national television, Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, and five categories of home appliances have been replaced with new subsidies, that is, on the basis of 10% of the state subsidies, subsidies will be given for the same amount of new products. Suning said that in addition to the two major policy subsidies, Suning has also introduced two major concessions for the protection of housing purchase subsidies and year-end transfer benefits, and the maximum benefit rate for the four major measures can reach 40%.

At the same time, Suning said that taking into account the kitchen and toilet categories is home appliances necessary home appliances, and also to a new peak, so Suning's new buy group will also be included in the subsidy range, out of pocket to replace the kitchen and toilet consumption A 10% subsidy is given to the node in order to bring a full range of benefits to consumers at the end of the policy's expiry.

In addition to subsidy benefits, Suning Appliance also prepared a premium purchase gift and a lucky draw gift, which is to be purchased at Suning Appliance's top ten flagship stores this weekend. If you accumulate RMB 12,888, you will receive a laptop or a 32-inch LCD, with a total of RMB 6888. Received a 19-inch LCD, and other electromagnetic oven, two sets, wok, steamer, electric kettle, movie coupons and other exquisite gifts.

Suning said that at the end of the year, bookings for dinner and holiday plans for long-distance holidays have been put on the agenda, and Suning has also launched a large-scale lucky draw event. Starting tomorrow, shopping at Suning stores can be used to sample Lijiang’s five-day tour and Reunion dinner.

SME strictly implements the trade-in policy

The trade-in policy for over two years will end on December 31 this year. Many consumers have taken the "last train." Recently, some media reported that Dazhong Electric terminated the trade-in replacement in advance. In response, Dazhong Electric responded that it has never arbitrarily changed its national trade-in policy in any form or manner.

Dazhong Electric stated that it strictly implements the trade-in policy. The General Manager of Dazhong Electric, each functional director, marketing department, business department, store management department, customer service, after-sales, logistics and other departments have never arbitrarily changed the state exchange policy in any form or in any way.

At the same time, Dazhong revealed that Dazhong Electric's large-scale stores do not only handle trade-in transactions for consumers for no less than 10 people a day, and that there are no fewer than five special-purpose personnel for medium and small-sized stores. Recently, Dazhong Electric's stores have traded at 4,500 pieces per day, and there are nearly 1,000 new additions per day, of which Zhongta shop averages about 600 servings per day.

Shang Mingquan, general manager of Dazhong Electric, said that it will strictly follow the national old-for-new policy policy to provide subsidies. Consumers shouldn’t worry about the specific stop time and related information. Dazhong Electric will also strictly enforce the relevant policies issued by the state. Stopping rumors will not break.

Relevant person in charge of Dazhong Electric reminded the general consumers to trade in for new products. In order to save processing time, consumers are requested to bring in the required documents beforehand. If you have any problems, you can consult the customer service department of each store.

GOME's new customers increase by two times year-on-year

At the end of the year, the implementation of the home appliance trade-in policy for more than two years was coming to an end. Beijing Gome said that since December, the number of customers for trade-in has tripled year-on-year.

Song Linlin, general manager of Beijing Gome, said that since the implementation of home appliance replacement in Beijing, home appliance trade-in subsidies have directly or indirectly boosted sales growth by nearly 40%. At present, as the home appliance trade-in policy will end at the end of December, many citizens will start to grab the “last train”. According to Beijing Gome, from December onwards, the number of customers attending the National Mall to participate in the trade-in has increased by nearly two times year-on-year. The sales of color TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, computers and other products have been hot, and it has also driven sales of other home appliances. .

In the color TV special zone of Gome New Life Museum, a 42-inch 3D TV with original price of 3,800 yuan is now available for the benefit of the 25th anniversary celebration of the United States, plus trade-in subsidies and energy-saving subsidies. The price is only 2,697 yuan and the discount is 1,000 yuan. , Large-scale profit-making activities have attracted many consumers to trade in stores for trade-in.

However, the reporter also learned that there were many customers who had previously used the trade-in products, but they had not gone through the procedures for the replacement of home appliances and received a trade-in rebate. With the end of the old-fashioned subsidy policy at the end of the month, the national trade-in replacement system will also be closed.

Beijing Gome reminded the consumers that they hope that the majority of customers and friends will come and go through the formalities on December 31 to receive the trade-in subsidies, and will no longer apply when they expire. “The trade-in is a state-issued subsidy. The trade-in information for the customers who go to the store will be sent to the trade-for-trade system and expired. It is really powerless for the store.” Beijing Gome further explained.