Component companies to enter the LED lighting market, abandoned dark speculation?

The LED lighting market is a huge market for all semiconductor manufacturers. Although the civilian market has not really taken off, the market has not been as optimistic as hope in the past few years, but based on its great expectations for the future, many manufacturers continue to make "Abandon dark speculation" and come to this "bright" market.

Interestingly, component manufacturers are now entering, and not entering the LED device market, but entering the LED lighting terminal market, this diversion is very thorough. As the mainstream manufacturer of semiconductor overvoltage protection devices in China, Shanghai Guangyu Ruixin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will enter the LED lighting market. Liu Jianchao, general manager of the company, believes that the company itself has made LED driver chips and voltage-regulated MOS transistors. It has accumulated in semiconductor devices and technologies. Recently, a customer tested their LED power supply products and found that various technical indicators and Foreign companies are basically the same, and thus have confidence in their products. This led them to decide not only to make LED driver chips and power modules, but also to enter the LED lighting market. "Only the profits of chip products are too low. If you can enter the whole machine market, you can get more profits." This is Liu Jianchao's idea.

Taking into account the luminaire products and the original company's main discrete components and chip products are still very different, this transformation has great challenges. This point, Liu Jianchao’s general manager did not deny: “We are indeed a layman in the lighting fixture market. For example, a sample of this design actually did not play a cooling hole on the glass of the lamp. Our customers knew that we were not making lamps. , and I don't even understand many basic optical terms.” He admits that he is just a beginner. However, he also believes that LED lighting as a semiconductor lighting is fundamentally different from traditional lighting, in which semiconductor technology is the core technology, and this is their company's specialty, and now many LED driver manufacturers are also actively entering the module or the whole machine. The market, and this market is not yet a giant monopoly situation, the barriers to new entrants in many markets is not high, I believe there will be more new players into the market.

In fact, Shanghai Guangyu Ruixin Microelectronics' TVS/ESD protection device is not bad. Currently, it has entered the mobile phone supply chain of Huawei and Hexing Foundation. The monthly shipment volume has reached 25KK. Zener regulators have also entered the supply chain of mobile phone customers such as Longqi Technology, Longyu Century and Xingma, and their monthly shipments have reached 10KK. Its low-voltage MOSFETs have also entered the supply chain of lithium battery protection board customers such as Shenzhen Reed Electronics and Coslight Power, and monthly shipments have reached 15KK. Semiconductor lightning protection devices have also entered into the supply chain of communication equipment customers such as ZTE and Zhuo Yi Technology. The monthly shipment volume has also reached 3.5KK.

Liu Jianchao said: "The reason why we can achieve such a performance is mainly due to the four comparative advantages of our products:

1) Excellent performance and parameters, comparable to similar foreign products;

2) Short delivery cycle and prompt delivery;

3) The price is moderate;

4) With outstanding research and development capabilities, we can develop unique products that meet the needs of our customers based on the needs of our customers. ”

Liu Jianchao introduced that Ruixin regulator products can realize small packages of high-power products, such as SOD323 package, the power can reach 500mw, while the conventional products are only 200mw. Ruixin can also develop and produce specific products that meet the requirements of customer parameters. MM3Z5V1-5 and SEZ52C5V1-3 have been developed and manufactured according to MTK requirements and have passed MTK test and certification.

In addition, the popularity of smart phones is also good news for their companies, because smart phones must use TVS devices, and general feature phones will not be used. Both the present and the future are good. Why is there such a big "turn"?

Liu Jianchao analyzed that the growth rate of Ruixin Microelectronics in previous years was relatively large, because some major manufacturers had entered the supply system, but after a certain number of shipments, it would be difficult to quickly increase, because it used to be a substitute for the position of other manufacturers. It is now maintaining this position. "So in order to expand income, you must enter a new market." He said very simply. Of course, what he described earlier as “the profit of the chip is too low” may be the more important reason why he wants to “discard dark speculation”? But is the prospect really bright? How high is the current profit rate of LED lamps?