Comparison of iphone4S and iphone4 value

At 1 a.m. on October 5, the new iphone4S was released on schedule and the appearance of the iPhone 4S did not change, mainly improving the processor, camera, and software interface. From A5 processor to 800W pixel camera to IOS5 prefabricated system.

Iphone 4s adds voice recognition, and voice recognition will be a new area of ​​competition between Apple and Google. Google has been promoting voice technology for many years. Through Google's services, users can use voice to write messages, get driving directions, and conduct searches.

iphone4S has a certain increase in functionality compared to iphone4, and with the iphone4S launch, the entire iphone's price system has not changed.

First of all, the sales price of iphone4 16G, the biggest sales volume, was reduced by 4548 yuan, which is a drop of 451 yuan compared to the listed price of 4999 yuan, which is still not moving. It is almost a 10% discount. The iphone 3GS price reduced to 2888 yuan, iphone4 is about to launch 8G version, it is estimated that the price should be around 4,000 yuan. The 32G version of the iphone4 price cuts the most, the current price is 4988 yuan.

Throughout the new iphone's price system, iphone3GS despite the price as low as 2888 yuan, but experienced two changes to the 3GS has shown a decline, of course, as the cheapest iphone, although the configuration is not high, but the experience is still below 3,000 yuan The phone is still good, it is estimated that 3GS will be the main attack in the low-end and student markets in the future, especially in conjunction with China Unicom's price subsidies, there is still a certain market, but the mobile phone market is changing with each passing day, I believe he will withdraw from the market in the near future, And instead of him is the iphone4 8G version.

Iphone4 as a model to maintain the high-end market for more than a year mobile phone, with the iphone4S listed, its positioning has declined, the capital is abundant, the original choice of iphone4 16G or 32G friends are likely to buy iphone4S, and buy iphone4 more choices More affordable iphone4 8G version, and the price of this machine may be 4000 yuan, compared to the original 4999 yuan iphone4 entry price discount 4000 yuan, I believe will become the main model of iphone sales, and the same 4,000 yuan in other For competitors, despite the Samsung i9100, HTC's G14 exceeds iphone4 in performance, but iphone4 still can rely on the excellent user experience and Apple's gold signs have a large market, and really tangled is the iphone4 8G Version and iphone4S 16G version of the competition.

Iphong4S issued a contract price of 199 US dollars, and because it does not have a revolutionary upgrade, I believe that his listing price is certainly 4999 yuan, and the 32G version of the iphone4 price is similar. The gap of $1,000 between the 4999 yuan of the 16G iphone4S and the 3999 yuan of the 8G iphone4 has really made more Apple fans tangled. However, digital products follow the philosophy of buying new products and buying them for a long time. The A5 dual-core processor and 800W pixels are more powerful. The changes in mobile phone signals are actually worth a few thousand yuan (estimates). Of course, despite the iphone4S did not bring you much surprises, but I believe that iphone4S is still a difficult situation in the beginning of the listing, so iphone4S and iphone4 8G version of the difference may not only 1,000 yuan, but 2000 or even 3000, Buying iphone4S like that is no longer worth it.

Although Apple iphone4S performance did not bring greater improvement, but 2888 yuan iphone 3GS, an estimated 4,000 yuan iphone4 8G version lower Apple's entry barrier, let more friends spend less money, have the best Experience iphone4, so that Apple's extended family continues to grow.