Civil LED Xiao He was exposed sharp angle

The State Council's implementation of the subsidy for energy-saving lamps and LED lamps will be formally promulgated in early July. How will the 2.2 billion yuan be subsidized? It will soon be able to emerge. Encouraged by this year's constant policy, major global LED industry giants have taken the Chinese market.

At the just-concluded 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the prosperity of the LED lighting industry almost made it difficult to trace traditional lighting. Among the 2,600 exhibitors, there were about 1,900 LED industry exhibitors, and the exhibition area was a record. 22 Ten thousand square meters.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, which has grown into the world's largest lighting exhibition, is undoubtedly the industry's vane. The incandescent lamp gradually goes out, and the LED lights are constantly “lit”. This seems to be an irreversible trend. However, “how LED lights up thousands of households” remains a problem.

Although there is no exception in the interview, the industry has admitted that the civilian market has great potential, but LED commercial lighting is still the undisputed mainstream of the exhibition. The reporter learned that exhibitors are more cautious about the civilian sector.

"We are full of confidence in China's LED lighting market and continue to increase investment and support in the Chinese market. Our goal is to achieve 50% of the total business volume of LED business in 2015." Philips Lighting Division Greater China President Liang Hanfeng said this, but he did not specifically mention the civilian market.

At the Philips booth, there are only two civilian LED lamps. It was inconspicuous at Philips's "Light Theater" booth.

Wang Jian, general manager of General Electric (GE) Lighting's LED products in Asia Pacific, said that GE Lighting will promote civilian products rhythmically around the world. Recently, GE Lighting introduced the INFUSION LED module, which is considered a major breakthrough in the standardization of LED light engines. The simple interface and flexible interchangeability of the module allow the industry to see great potential in the civilian market. However, according to GE Lighting's product introduction at this exhibition, the six LED lamps for indoor use are almost exclusively for business users such as hotels and shopping malls.

On the other hand, as a leader in the "LED for residential use" in Japan, Matsushita has been deeply involved in the LED lighting industry. Although street lighting and commercial lighting are also the mainstays, LED ceiling lamps with dimming and color adjustment functions, and ultra-thin LED chandeliers have attracted visitors' attention. In addition, Panasonic also provides home energy-efficient lighting solutions to promote the use of LED downlights and other auxiliary lighting products.

Panasonic staff revealed that Panasonic plans to introduce lighting fixtures and lighting solutions to the Chinese market. By 2015, the number of Panasonic lighting stores will increase to 5,000, and will actively promote the listing of LED bulbs. However, the reporter learned that Matsushita began selling light in Japan in April this year, "EVERLEDS LED lighting for residential use" price is 8,190 yen -143,850 yen, or about 663 yuan - 11,638 yuan. Obviously, if you want to promote in China, the price may be difficult for consumers to accept.

The price of civil promotion is not the only factor. The price of LED is still a hurdle. As the most important factor hindering the promotion of LED, high prices have kept such new energy-saving and environmental-friendly lamps out of the civilian market. According to industry insiders, LDE lamps use sapphire as a chip substrate, and they have to use gold for their electrical conductivity. They have enough reason to become “noble lamps”.

Taking Philips products as an example, the reporter saw from the Amazon website that ordinary 25W incandescent bulbs are generally priced at 2 yuan, while the equivalent of 25W incandescent bulbs is 3W high-brightness LED bulbs, priced at 49 yuan. The latter is more than 24 times the former.

"This kind of price is difficult to be accepted in China. 6 cents once electricity, spent a lot of money to buy LED lights back, how long will it take to save the price difference back?" Foshan Lighting (000541, stock it) Lighting Association Zhang Secretary-General of China told reporters, "At present, LED civil lighting is still the most flashlights and lamps. These two prices are not much more expensive than ordinary ones."

In view of the high price of LED luminaires, Shangyu Lighting launched a special 7W LED bulb at this exhibition, and three of them sold for only RMB 100. The lighting uses innovative PowerXplore drive and system integration technology, power conversion rate of up to 92%, can replace the traditional 40W incandescent bulbs.

“This light bulb basically meets the function and quality of home, and the key is the price is right. The reason why we balance the quality and price is to promote the energy-saving lighting in the civil market. To do what the average consumer can accept and guarantee its quality. It is the core of our research and development.” Sun Jianning, CEO of Shangyu Lighting, said in an interview.

As the first-line brand of LED, Shangyu hopes to promote 7W bulbs at a record low price. However, the price of 30 yuan is still more expensive than the price of a few yuan. The level of acceptance among ordinary consumers is different. Also great. Mr. Qin, who is engaged in the LED curtain wall industry, has a clear understanding of LED lamps. “My family is directly transitioning from incandescent lamps to LED lamps. The price is a little expensive, but it is still cost-effective to calculate it according to the service life of five or six years. Long and power-saving, it's really cheap if it's 30 yuan."

Ms. Shen, who lives in Shanghai Baoshan District, told the reporter that the price of 40W and the price of 30 yuan is still a little unacceptable. At home, a household uses a fluorescent tube, and a maximum of seven or eight yuan, suddenly, It is troublesome and expensive to become a LED light bulb that you haven't heard of. She only used LED lamps and she was not assured of LED products.

Zhang Hua believes that the energy-saving features of LEDs can be fully demonstrated in flashlights using batteries or rechargeable batteries. As for LED table lamps, the advertised LED “eye protection” function is also a good selling point. If it can fill the gap between LED product promotion and public awareness, perhaps civilian promotion will be more smooth.

SMEs "seek attention"

The exhibition can bring orders and influence. For the government's support and subsidies, Tang Guoqing, general manager of Cree China, has always believed that this is also an important factor affecting the initial promotion of LED civil lighting. “Guangdong’s policy Supporting parties have done a very good job and the strong support of the government will inevitably bring about market activity and technological advancement. At this point, the whole country must learn from Guangdong, Tang Guoqing told reporters.

Compared to the expectations of large enterprises for policies, favorable policies seem to have nothing to do with SMEs. According to industry insiders, due to the lack of channels, the "sunshine" of the policy rarely shines on small and medium enterprises. Coupled with the sluggish global economic environment caused by the market downturn, many small and medium-sized LED lighting companies lost a large proportion of European and American orders, the capital chain is facing a cut off. In the second half of this year, half of the LED companies are expected to face closure and be The danger of mergers.

As one of the small and medium-sized enterprises invited to participate in the exhibition, the chairman of Zhejiang Hengman Optoelectronics Zhu Zengxi said to the small and medium-sized LED enterprises: "We have been very hard to do the civilian market, but the policy subsidies will not take care of us. There is a lack of influence on the industry and few people are paying attention to SMEs. When faced with problems such as insufficient market promotion and lower prices, we must rely on our own efforts." Market environment where raw materials, labor, rent and other costs rise Next, help small and medium-sized enterprises that account for more than 90% of the LED industry, make them out of business and financing difficulties, and perhaps help promote the promotion of civilian lighting.

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