Chief designer Li Xinggang insomnia for the "Bird's Nest" (Figure)

Li Xinggang, the chief designer of the National Sports Mocking Bird Nest, deputy chief architect of the China Architecture Design and Research Institute, graduated from the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University. He went to France to study in 1998. After 15 years of architectural design career, he won the British World Architecture Nomination Award. More than 20 international and domestic awards such as the Asian Architecture Promotion Award and the China Architecture Art Award. In January 2003, he became the Chinese chief designer of the National Sports Singing - Bird's Nest.

The main sports mocking bird's nest of the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 will be completed by the end of 2007. From the very beginning, it is the focus of everyone's attention. Recently, Li Xinggang, the Chinese chief designer of the "Bird's Nest", visited Beijing Satellite TV's "Olympic People's Visit" program. Tell everyone about his story with the "Bird's Nest".

Chinese and foreign teamed up design

Li Xinggang said that the bidding program of the National Stadium was jointly designed by the China Architectural Design and Research Institute and the Swiss Herzog and Demeron companies. The entire design work was done in Switzerland. As a representative of the Chinese side, Li Xinggang was stationed in Switzerland to cooperate with the other side.

What was the original design idea? Li Xinggang said, "We have been discussing the structure of the sports cover" for a lot of time. Finally, we found a braided structure that resembles the weaving of bicycle spokes. The 48 beams are tangent along the middle opening. Then weaving it backwards and backwards." "The design of the bird's nest is basically completed, step by step according to its functional logic, structural logic, aesthetic logic, to achieve a design structure from the inside out. Not to see one first The nest, then decided to make a nest," he said.

In the design process, there was a plan that was high in both directions. It was low in both directions. It was a shape with a relatively long shape and a hole in the middle. When discussing this, the foreign side felt quite satisfied. Li Xinggang raised the question and said that the shape is a bit like a child's toilet lid. If there is such a association, it would be very dangerous to get China. If we win, there will be variables. In the end, the design was negated, and the final shape was obtained after subsequent scrutiny.

"falling in love" with architectural design

Li Xinggang is very passionate about architectural design and is very obsessed. He can sketch a night for a design job, just to have a good conversation with the teacher the next day. Think of it as the most important thing in life, including falling in love, and he feels that it is not important to do this. When he graduated, his work "Chinese Scholars Center" added some of the traditional Chinese ideas to his design. In the end, his work scored 96 points. This score entered the history of the students of the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University.

After graduating from college, Li Xinggang entered the China Architectural Design and Research Institute. Four years later, he began to independently host the design work. Excellent work achievements have earned him the opportunity to study abroad, which has led to the connection between Li Xinggang and the "Bird's Nest" project. Excellent work performance and experience in studying abroad made Li Xinggang the most suitable person for the Bird's Nest project. At the end of 2003, the “Bird's Nest” project won in the bidding was successfully broken.

Spend two years in insomnia

As the Chinese chief designer of the Bird's Nest, Li Xinggang has to coordinate with the owners, the government, the Olympic Organizing Committee, etc., and coordinate with more than a dozen professional designers and engineers from several countries to resolve conflicts. At the same time, nearly 4,000 Li Xinggang is responsible for the construction drawings, and Li Xinggang is under tremendous pressure in the face of such complicated work. This has had a tremendous impact on his life. Every time he falls asleep, he will wake up at two or three in the morning, and will finish the work that happened yesterday and the same thing as the movie, until it is too sleepy at five or six o'clock. I only slept again, and I spent the last two years.

Lead everyone to feel the "Bird's Nest" in advance

Li Xinggang described the feeling of entering the arena after the completion of the Bird's Nest. He said, "When we go to the 'Bird's Nest' during the Olympics, we have to get out of the subway, and then slowly approach the nest far away, follow a gentle slope, enter the interior of the nest, and enter the steel grid. Inside, this time, you seem to have entered a very lively urban space, there are audiences from all over the world, you and your friends are having a pleasant conversation. Then you look down on the middle of the field and see the athletes warming up, they Just like the actors on the stage, adjusting their own competitive state, this time the audience surrounded the athletes, there is a very warm atmosphere, and then in the best state to appreciate these competitive athletes, appreciate these games. ”


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