Chenshi Technology Lighting: Dedicated to innovation and gaining the future

--- Fiber Optic Lighting Expert Chen Caihong General Manager Interview Chenshi Technology Lighting as a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in R&D and production of optical fiber, LED and cold cathode tubes. After rapid development in recent years, it has become the focus of attention in the industry with good performance. . Based on high-end positioning, how does Chenshi Technology Lighting create its core competitiveness? How do companies view independent research and development and industry imitation? How to build your core strengths in the fiber field? With all kinds of attention, at the opening ceremony of Chenshi Lighting, the general manager Chen Caihong, who has always been low-key, talked openly. Reporter (hereinafter referred to as the note): Chen's lighting continues to the predecessor Jin Kaili Lighting, which has a history of several years. After years of rapid development, it has become a well-known brand in the industry, so when you are doing products to over-branding, you How to position for the company? Chen Caihong (hereinafter referred to as Chen): Chenshi Lighting includes the predecessor Jin Kaili Lighting. After years of rapid development, the company adheres to the business tenet of “Quality Zero Defect, Customer Zero Distance”, and “Improve the brand and build the first brand of optical fiber lighting”. The corporate goal is to take "integrity, quality, innovation, taste" as the enterprise spirit, people-oriented, pursue team efficiency, and let employees, merchants and enterprises grow together. Basically completed from the product to the brand. As the leader of fiber optic lighting, Chenshi Lighting is only a pyramid-oriented product. Make your own characteristics and make a brand. Due to the current different grades of products introduced to the market by the domestic lighting industry, many of the peers are not very clear at the entry point, and they have not formed their own characteristics and have no fist products. For this point, Chenshi Lighting has positioned its products in the middle and high-end times, targeting groups with certain consumption power and some pursuit of higher grades and higher requirements for work and quality of life. The goal is of course to become the first dazzle of consumers in the domestic market: Chenshi Lighting products are positioned at a high level, so what kind of management system does the company use to ensure product quality? Chen: The company's management work is based on the guarantee of quality. Over the years, Chen has formed the "customer satisfaction is the pursuit of Chenshi", the company operates in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system, and established a sound production information management system. Professional obsession is the premise of Chen's lighting development; excellent products, the pursuit of brand is the track of Chen's lighting operation; creating a national brand, healthy development is the direction of Chen's lighting. Reporter: As everyone knows: Product innovation is one of the important factors in the core competitiveness of lighting companies. How does Chenshi Lighting highlight its own characteristics in product innovation? Chen: In today's increasingly homogenized products, enterprises must develop, innovation is the driving force, and there is no way out without innovation. Only by constantly developing and innovating can we keep our company young. To this end, Chenshi Lighting spares no expense to purchase advanced production equipment; hires industry-leading development and design professionals, pays attention to the introduction and cultivation of talents, and strives to improve the overall quality of employees, so that the development team always stands at the forefront of the market. It is precisely because of Chen's lighting innovation, its products are in an invincible position in the increasingly fierce market competition with excellent quality and perfect shape. Reporter: In the market competition, the channel is the best. So how does Chenshi Lighting build its own market channels? Chen: There is no market, no channels, everything is empty talk. This is the consensus of the industry. The question is whether you can have your own market and your own sales channels. For this, Chen’s decision-making level is sober and his thinking is ahead of his time. First, Chenshi Lighting makes full use of Jin Kaili's years of marketing experience, comprehensive market conditions, strengthen close contact and communication with the original major customers, protect the interests of major customers, and achieve a win-win situation; secondly, through active attack, in major cities and consumption levels The relatively high areas set up image stores, franchise stores, and seek general agents. The company has established a comprehensive sales and service network; once again, it has undertaken various large-scale, special-purpose and characteristic lighting projects, and launched Chenshi Lighting's unique services; The fourth is to fully mobilize the deep cultural and technological accumulation of Chenshi Lighting, so that the brand of Chenshi Lighting is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Remember: Chenshi Lighting, including the predecessor Jin Kaili Lighting, which projects are lighting up? Why do these lighting projects have a special liking for Chenshi Lighting? Chen: Chenshi Lighting participates in many lighting projects, such as CCTV's seven studios, Qingdao Baodao Nightclub, Ningbo Colorful Entertainment City, Hangzhou New Century Grand Hotel, Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Museum, Hangzhou Dongdu International Entertainment City, Zhengzhou Jade Pearl Entertainment City, Hangzhou SOS Storm Entertainment City, Tianjin Water Palace Hotel, Ningbo Jinfeng Entertainment City, Fujian Oriental Famous Hotel, Beijing Oriental Home and Macau Lisboa Hotel. These projects are beautifully designed with beautiful shapes and beautiful scenery. Reporter: The industry competition is getting more and more fierce. What will happen in the future lighting market? What is the competitive advantage of Chenshi Lighting? What are the special requirements for joining Chenshi? Chen: In fact, in the lighting industry, which industry is competing. In the field of optical fiber, LED, and cold cathode tube, they all belong to a period of rapid development. Of course, there is no leader in the group, and there are no fears in the future. No company has truly become a leader. In the face of this situation, Chen’s work is not allowed. The brand concept is to set a benchmark for this industry. There are a number of benchmarking companies that are leading the way and constantly standardizing this area. Therefore, we say that the future lighting industry will gradually enter a period of benign development, and the diversification, personalization and characteristic requirements of products will be more and more, customers will be more picky, and the quality and appearance requirements will be higher. So how do companies respond to these changes? The reason is very simple. Only when strengthening the cultivation market, tapping the market potential, and intensifying product innovation, no matter what special products customers need, they can be bought here. Is this not the competitive advantage of Chenshi? As for how to join Chenshi Lighting, the current affiliate program has been introduced. Chen’s aim is to achieve win-win cooperation. Chen’s company will ensure more markets with high-quality products, competitive prices and excellent services. Chen will make every effort. Provide customers with the most satisfactory products. Chen expects a strong and creative company to join in and win.