"Bird's Nest" designer Li Xinggang: Success or failure is the most precious experience in life

“The youngest deputy chief architect of China Architecture Design and Research Institute, the chief architect of the Beijing Olympic Games main sports banknotes nest”... At the just-concluded National Youth League 10th National Committee, the host introduced the newly elected When Li Xinggang, a member of the National Youth Federation, the warm applause from the audience was apparently directed at him and the "Bird's Nest." "Now, the 'Bird's Nest' project has been constructed to the top of the zero-level (between the first floor and the underground), and the basement project is about to be completed, but the arduous work is still behind." Li Xinggang told reporters that so far, "Bird's Nest" The construction situation and actual results are basically consistent with the plan. In April 003, the "Bird's Nest" program was identified as the design of the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. For a time, "Swiss became the designer of the main venue for the Beijing Olympics" became a topic of discussion. While mentioning the Swiss master, many people forgot an architect named Li Xinggang, who was only 34 years old at the time, and was the Chinese chief architect of the "Bird's Nest". In Li Xinggang's view, the design of the National Stadium is a true cooperative design. The China Architectural Design and Research Institute has a close, equal and full cooperation with Swiss architects and British engineers. "Like a football team, everyone plays a different role, and every goal has everyone's efforts. As for how many people remember me, I don't care." In the interview, when asked about the "Bird's Nest" project When the structure, cost, function and other issues, Li Xinggang could almost blurt out, and when the reporter asked him to tell interesting plots or unforgettable fragments related to the "Bird's Nest", he expressed very little. "In my body, there is really no story." Li Xinggang said: "Over the past two years, the whole process of this design work may be dull, perhaps boring, perhaps not at all vigorous, but it is a memorable experience of life." This is a place where dreams begin.” Li Xinggang once wrote on a promotional material for the stadium program. For him, the connection with the architecture is accidental, but he "likes and enjoys this accident in life." In 1987, Li Xinggang took the first place in the county in the college entrance examination. At the suggestion of a friend, he selected the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University. The selection of the architecture department was somewhat accidental, but Li Xinggang found himself fascinated by architecture. In the four years of college, he spent a lot of time in the rich architectural design and literature at home and abroad, and felt his growth in creation every day.

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