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Situation Analysis

ATM is divided into dependent and off-line according to whether it is built together with outlets. It can be divided into lobby type and wall-through type according to the form. ATMs in different environments have different criminal means, and the corresponding preventive measures should be more targeted.

ATMs at the outlets are on duty during the day, and deploy multiple cameras to observe the activities of the personnel in multiple directions. They are also equipped with voice intercom, alarm emergency button and access control. When there is a danger, there are multiple emergency plans to deal with.

Off-line ATMs are self-service devices that are set up outside the banking outlets. It is very common to place off-line ATMs in large residential areas, important tourist attractions, large shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. However, the off-line type, especially the through-wall ATM, has an insufficient level of defense, which provides criminals with an opportunity to peek into passwords, add card readers, sneak attacks behind, steal cards, and post false advertisements. Activities, criminals also tend to use such ATMs for financial services.

With the increase in the number of off-line ATMs, the risks in operations and management are also emerging. How to control off-line ATMs has become an important issue in banking research.

To this end, the bank has built an ATM alarm system, and its conventional configuration generally consists of a camera, an alarm input, a sensor, an alarm output, a video storage, and a transmission device. Has the following features:

· Audio and video encoding and storage through embedded video recorders;

· Remote management through the network;

·With infrared human body sensor, vibration sensor, etc., linked with video recording movement;

·Each ATM has two cameras with front and cash outlets. 1-2 cameras are installed inside the self-service bank. One camera is installed at the self-service bank door.

· Support for networked monitoring platforms.

However, ATM is an all-weather, unattended, outdoor-use financial transaction device, and there are still many security risks. The main problems are as follows.

· ATM front camera dynamic range, installation angle, lighting and other reasons can not catch or see the face of the cashier in some cases;

·The ATM panel camera has a limited monitoring range, and only a single camera cannot cover the entire ATM such as the card slot, the cash outlet, the keyboard area, the button area, etc.;

· Cannot automatically analyze and timely report illegal activities against ATM, including: swallow card + fake reminder, hacking + fake card, swallow card + fake keyboard nickname, block the cash withdrawal port, block the cash outlet + fake reminder + copy bank Card, abnormal face occlusion, etc.;

· Cannot automatically analyze and timely report illegal activities against self-service banking, including: robbery, trailing proximity when ATM withdrawals, embarrassing, unidentified objects, detention, etc.

· Self-service banking and ATM cameras, sensors in ATMs, infrared sensors set up in self-service banks, access control and other equipment have not been integrated into an effective active defense system. Active defense systems refer to intelligent image analysis and multi-information fusion processing. Automatically filter interference and send out alarm information in a timely and effective manner;

· Video storage is generally triggered by time or motion detection. The video cannot be queried by alarm event, and the retrieval takes a long time.

Intelligent system architecture of ATM monitoring system

Existing ATM monitoring systems generally do not have intelligent video analysis functions, and security personnel are required to monitor various types of pictures in the monitoring center for 24 hours in order to achieve real-time suppression of criminal activities against ATM. It is impossible for the monitoring center to have enough manpower and energy to perform 24-hour real-time monitoring of all ATM equipment. In many cases, after the criminal activity, the video data can only be used for post-processing. The case has already occurred, and the damage to the victim’s mental and material resources, as well as financial institutions, is incalculable.

In order to meet the needs of business development, improve the comprehensive security management level of the bank, realize the integration of resources on the basis of existing monitoring equipment, realize unified monitoring, unified management, unified disposal, and build an intelligent monitoring system with online real-time analysis and early warning. . Rapid analysis of massive information, filtering of useless information, and detection of abnormal conditions in the monitoring screen, can issue alarms and provide information in the fastest way, effectively assist security personnel to deal with crises, and minimize false positives and false negatives.

The intelligent video surveillance system consists of two parts, namely the front-end intelligent video analyzer and the monitoring management server located in the monitoring center.

Intelligent video analyzer

The intelligent video analyzer is the core of the ATM intelligent monitoring system. It captures the video images captured by the camera and can separate the people, cars or objects in the image from the background for detection, analysis and tracking. Compare the behavior pattern of the tracked object with the preset safety rules. If a violation is found, the alarm message and corresponding image are sent out through the network and displayed on the monitoring station, and the information is recorded on the central management server for future. Read and review.

Monitoring management server

The monitoring management server is a management platform installed in the monitoring center. The server functions include front-end intelligence and DVR device management, streaming media forwarding, central storage management, large-screen display management, WEB service management, and alarm processing. The server also includes the configuration of the intelligent video analysis system and the alarm rule setting tool.

Usually, the vibration sensor is used to deal with the impact, and the fire is used for fire-fighting and fire detection sensors, both of which are conventional configurations. At present, the ATM intelligent video analysis function that banks tend to adopt has the following points.

·Detecting the facial features of the payee, extracting the facial features of the payee and automatically capturing the clear face photos, which can be used for blacklist comparison in the background;

·Detecting the abnormality of the face of the payee (masked, with sunglasses, covering the face, etc.), when an abnormal face is detected, an early warning is issued to the monitoring center;

·Detecting abnormalities such as installing fake panels, card readers, stickers, etc. for ATMs, and issuing early warnings;

· Suspicious activities in the one-meter withdrawal area, such as close-up peeping, multi-person gathering, etc., the system promptly warns and issues an on-site warning to inform the cashier;

· Abnormal behaviors in the self-service bank and at the door, such as squatting, falling to the ground, staying, etc.;

· Detection of personnel activities in the banknotes.

System needs attention

To improve the security level of ATM, you need to consider equipment, technology, solutions, engineering, communications and many other aspects. In order to achieve significant preventive effects and give full play to the role of ATM intelligent monitoring system, ATM intelligent monitoring system should pay attention to:

·Adopt intelligent video analysis function, such as face detection to determine abnormal face, must ensure a reliable video source, ensure the image has the appropriate clarity and illuminance; during the implementation process, often find the face camera dynamic range of many street ATM Small, the installation height and angle are not suitable, resulting in incomplete face, the face is too dark and unclear. In these cases, it is not suitable for the face detection function. It is necessary to use a wide dynamic pinhole camera and adjust the camera installation position;

· In environments with high light interference, such as direct sunlight, glass reflection, etc., it can also cause false alarms in intelligent video detectors. Taking the strip detection as an example, the panel, the one-meter line station and other parts are susceptible to light, and it is misjudged that the person enters or leaves the withdrawal area, and a note is attached to the panel;

· In order to reduce false positives, there is also the addition of a video such as a positive face to determine whether there is a person, but in some scenarios, the effect will not be ideal. It may be considered to add auxiliary sensors to confirm the results of intelligent judgments, such as infrared three-detection sensors, microwave human body detection sensors, film pressure sensors, etc.;

• Smart feature applications should be selective and do not require all features to be used at each site. Such as abnormal face detection, one-meter multi-person detection, more targeted for off-the-wall ATM;

· Abnormal behavior detection such as detention, falling to the ground, etc., is more suitable for use in self-service banking halls with large activity space;

· Preventing/suppressing crimes is better than arresting afterwards. If you explicitly prompt customers to withdraw money or enter self-service banking, they will be captured and use high-definition cameras to capture faces in large scenes. Criminals are not willing to take shots. The risk of its occurrence will be significantly reduced. Voice intercom and automatic voice prompting devices in ATMs and self-service banks also have a deterrent effect on criminals;

· Enhance monitoring of ATM and self-service banking peripherals. Many banks have begun to install ATM protection warehouses, and the safety of users entering the protection warehouse has been guaranteed. But from the cases that have occurred, many of them have occurred after leaving the ATM and the bank. It is recommended to install a panoramic HD camera on the periphery, equipped with intelligent abnormal behavior analysis functions such as 徘徊, detention, suspicious face/license plate detection and other functions;

· Improve the reliability of the monitoring system. The monitoring equipment needs to work continuously day and night. If it fails, it needs immediate maintenance. However, due to the large number of devices and large amount of manual maintenance, serious problems such as abnormal camera shooting and DVR not recording can not be discovered in time. The intelligent analysis system can provide abnormal image analysis function, and combined with the diagnostic function of the storage device, can realize automatic equipment inspection of camera abnormalities such as blocked, shifted, abnormal brightness, network transmission interruption and DVR not recording.

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