Avago introduces the first built-in laser source for mouse navigation sensors

Avago Technologies has announced the industry's first LaserStreamTM mouse bundle that combines a mouse navigation sensor with a built-in laser source and a compact lens. The new kit includes the industry's smallest navigation sensor, which is more than 70% smaller than Avago's previous generation LaserStream sensor. Avago Technologies is a leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions for advanced communications, industrial and commercial applications. As the world's leading supplier of optical mouse sensors, Avago Technologies' new ADNB-6532 bundle design creates more new applications, especially in space-constrained environments such as The fast-responding wireless micro-navigation products in the fields of PC mice and portable notebook micro-mouses can be extended to industrial applications such as contactless motion sensors and motion detectors. This new auto-illuminated LaserStream sensor can be easily operated on more work surfaces than an LED optical mouse. It is optimized for low power consumption and extends battery life in applications. The sensor typically consumes 4 mA in run mode and supports up to 12-18 months of operation with just two 5V alkaline batteries. The sensor works on painted metal, smooth wood grain, glossy photo paper, translucent plastic and other smooth surfaces that are difficult to track with LED mice. Mr. Li Boat, General Manager of Avago Technologies China and Hong Kong, said: "The combination of this integrated sensor and lens will become the mainstream component of Avago Technologies for laser mice. To enable our customers to achieve the performance required by most users at a very low cost and in a small space. We will continue to expand market share through miniaturized innovative technology and work with customers to develop more value-added products. ”