Atlantic Monthly: China's Internet speed is not slow and coverage is good

Last weekend, the International Herald Tribune published an article that analyzed whether China ’s development strategy over the past 30 years could make Chinese companies a high-wage, high-value international brand, and whether Chinese companies could become Apple ’s Competitors, not just foundries. In the article, I mentioned the following:

"Last year I stayed in China for a few months. I found that compared to South Korea and Japan, China ’s Internet service is very slow. In many areas of the United States, Internet speed is slow due to infrastructure construction restrictions, but in China it is For other reasons, a friend asked me: Which country has succeeded by blocking contemporary technology? Did the British ban the steam engine? "

Some people later refuted my claim, so I need to clarify here:

1) Stan Abrams, a professor at the Central Finance University, said on the China Hearsay website: "How much impact will slower internet speed have on China's GDP growth? Is the metaphor about the British ban on steam engines appropriate? First The answer to this question is: I do n’t know. The answer to the second question is: I think this statement is overblown. The conclusion that China ’s Internet speed is slow and therefore economic development is constrained is too arbitrary. "

I agree with him. I mean, when looking at various indicators, we need to find a balance between maintaining stability and economic development.

2) A Western reader living in China and working in the Internet industry wrote to me, pointing out that the slow access to overseas websites in China is mainly due to the fact that China's backbone network has only a few export nodes. According to the tracking of Chinese Internet Service Providers (ISPs), 5 to 6 years ago, China's slow Internet speed was mainly due to technical problems, such as lack of DNS optimization and insufficient training of technical personnel. On the other hand, this type of slower internet speed stems from commercial competition.

However, the reader pointed out that within China, as far as the needs of Chinese netizens are concerned, the speed of the Internet is fast enough. For example, by converting China Telecom ’s ADSL connection into an indoor wireless signal, there is no obstacle to watching online videos on the iPad. And through website video conferencing with people in other regions of the world did not find the speed problem.

The most important point is that China's network coverage is very good. For example, in the forest of Jiuzhaigou, the mobile phone signal is very strong; on a mountaintop in Jinan, sending and receiving emails is still smooth; on the highway from Beijing to Xi’an, the iPhone can still listen to music online; and in most elevators , The phone call will not be interrupted. In contrast, there are many blind spots in the United States, and Internet access is relatively inconvenient.

This reader believes that for 99% of Chinese Internet users, they do not need to visit non-Chinese websites or Internet services outside of China.

3) Another Western reader from Shanghai also wrote to me. He said in the letter: "As long as you stay in China, China's Internet will be very fast. China has not blocked contemporary technologies, such as Taobao, Sina Weibo and WeChat. These services are not lost to the United States in terms of technology and social effects. Of similar sites. "

I agree with these views. Ordinary Internet users in China will not be greatly affected, because they can get the content they want through the Chinese Internet circle.

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