Application of two-channel audio power amplifier circuit XG2004

XG2004 is a Class B two-channel audio power amplifier circuit. The circuit is internally provided with an output-to-ground AC short circuit, inductive load, high chip temperature, load voltage interruption caused by surge voltage, and power supply polarity reversal. The circuit has the advantages of large driving current, strong low-impedance load driving capability, many protection functions, small distortion, low noise, etc. It can be used for car amplifier, home medium power audio equipment and TV multi-channel sound amplification for power amplification.

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Application principle of XG2004 two-channel audio power amplifier circuit

Using a high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate as a circuit board,Pure light color, good heat dissipation, low heat generation and good heat dissipation.

Low light decay,  can save you more than 90% of electricity costs.Long life, maintenance-free.

The surface installation is simple and convenient, and the illumination angle can be adjusted according to the installation environment.

High grade, aluminum alloy shell, anodized surface, beautiful appearance, high grade, specially designed for jewelry and other showcase lighting.

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