Application of Color TFT Controller RA8870 with Single Chip Interface

1 Introduction TFT is widely used in industrial automation, power, telecommunications, environmental protection, medical, financial and other fields because of its thinness, low radiation and digital.
Compared with the black and white module, the TFT liquid crystal display module has its complicated features. It has various display interfaces, complicated peripheral circuits, and no mature unified control chip. Therefore, for the customer, choose the LCD screen, drive control scheme, accessories, And application debugging requires quite a professional staff to carry out. Therefore, for many MCU users who want to use TFT, this is a very high threshold. One is worried about the upgrade of the MCU system, the second is not enough speed, the effect is not good, the third is afraid of the cost is too high, and the fourth is afraid of programming trouble.
Based on the above considerations, Ruiyou Technology (

Internal block diagram

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System block diagram

3 RA8870 application interface
3.1 application interface diagram (1)

3.2 Application Interface Diagram (2)

4. RA8870 and digital screen analog screen interface diagram
TCON and DAC inside the RA8870 must be used when using the analog TFT screen. The output voltage level and driving capability of VR, VG, and VB can be fine-tuned to adjust the matching with the analog screen.

The application circuit of the RA8870 connected to the analog TFT screen can be seen that some signals are shared with the GPIO or digital TFT interface, while the RGB signals (VR, VG, VB) are generated by the RA8870 internal DAC.

5 RA8870 and MCU interface

In many industrial control situations, various electrical interference sources are relatively strong. To mitigate the effects of these interference sources on the transmission between the MCU and the RA8870, it is recommended to add a small capacitor to the GND at the CS#, RD#, and WR# terminals of the RA8870.

6 Conclusion The RA8870 provides a low-cost 8-bit or 16-bit 8080 / 6800 MCU interface, as well as a 10-bit 4-wire or 5-wire touch screen controller. Two additional sets of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) can be used to adjust the TFT. Screen backlight or other applications. Compared with other solutions, RA8870 is a powerful and inexpensive color TFT controller, which can make the application of monochrome STN screen smoothly, quickly and easily converted into TFT screen application, and solve the designer's hardware and software development. Do not hesitate to achieve a low-cost, high-performance system solution.

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