Apple did not compare Jobs with Huawei? iPhone7 confirmed 9.16 listing

On November 8, 2015, the Internet revealed the rumor that Apple will launch the iPhone 7. In September 2015, with the release of the iPhone 6S, netizens' eyes shifted to the next generation iPhone, and the concern for the iPhone 7 was a straight line.

In January 2016, according to foreign media, the release of iPhone7 will be in mid-September. This time, Apple officially said it will launch a 5.5-inch screen, 3GB of memory, 14 million pixels, 256GB and 3100mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 7 version. In addition, the iPhone 7 may also have 3D Touch, flexible display, and many cool technologies such as waterproof and fast wireless charging.

The big news @evleaks on Twitter said that the iPhone7 will be officially launched on Friday, September 16. The iPhone 7 version of the 5.5-inch screen, 3GB of memory, 14 megapixels, 256GB and 3100mAh battery capacity is said to be available. In addition, it is believed that the iPhone 7 may also have 3D touch technology, flexible display, and many cool technologies such as waterproof and fast wireless charging.

In addition to the screen size, the iPhone 7 may add wireless charging, with the iOS 10 operating system and other new features. If Apple decides to add a new design to the iPhone 7, we think it will be thinner than the iPhone 6, and Apple will add a "sidewall display" to it. Apple has announced patents related to this display, and hints that future iPhones may have this feature, providing interactive or touch-sensitive switches for sliding unlocking, music player control, information reading, caller ID, system control And other functions.

With the new four-channel light sensor, the iPhone 7 will automatically adjust the color temperature of the screen to protect the user's eyes from damage.

In addition, Apple is likely to use new materials on the iPhone 7 to make it more durable. Long before Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there were rumors that its display and chassis would use sapphire glass. In terms of sound quality, its stereo dual speakers will only be activated automatically when needed. When the iPhone is in landscape mode, its built-in iOS 9 system will calculate the iPhone's position, and then the sound will automatically be sent from the correct channel.

Apple is not Jobs, or the apple?

Looking back at history, before Steve Jobs returned in 1997, Apple was still a traditional computer company, mainly for niche personal computers. It was from Steve Jobs’s re-launch that Apple started with both consumer electronics and entertainment services. Apple's new version of the mobile phone, followed by the launch of a wool product iPod, two years later launched iTunes and thus entered the music market, and the pair of gold partners of iTunes and iPad quickly established Apple's extraordinary position in the field of entertainment services, three billion revenues in three years The dollar accounts for half of Apple’s total income. Since 2007, Jobs has once again cloned this model, launched the iPhone and App Store, and set off a revolution in mobile terminals.

The biggest value of Jobs for Apple is that he can combine product performance, price, cost and other factors with the market's critical point, and it will be a step ahead. Whether it's the iPod subverting the MP3, the iPhone subverting the phone concept, or the Mac Book Air redefining the thin and light notebook, we can all see what is called "next generation product", and this is not what Jobs dreamed of, but he asked for design. For any new design, the staff first launched ten completely different solutions, and then after several months of polishing, finally selected an optimal solution, which also reflects Jobs's "perfectionism" style, in his view, Apple The design of the product pursues “simple and happy”, and it is not a product but a dream.

The replacement of Apple's Cook and Jobs at Steve Jobs's style is different, which has led to some changes in Apple's policies. Many people suspect that after Steve Jobs's death, Apple can no longer continue its glory. Compared with "what the consumer wants, I will give it", Jobs is more eager to "find out what they want in the future."

Cost-effective, have to look at Huawei?

It is reported that the starting price of iPhone 7 may be around 6,000 yuan, and the top matching may reach 9,000 yuan. Even if the user experience is really good, it is not a small expense. For most users, the price may be the first one, especially In addition, Huawei, as a representative of domestic mobile phones, has attracted a large number of pollen to support the national industry. Of course, the premise is that Huawei's mobile phones do not do well.

Previously, the professional data analysis agency Penguin Zhikuo’s “True Image” survey report showed that more iPhone users are using Huawei’s mobile phone brand. In particular, Huawei's glory series and Huawei P8/P9, as well as Mate8/Mate9, are extremely loud.

At present, Huawei has become the most popular product among users with a price of more than 3,000 yuan. It is aiming to become the world's largest smartphone manufacturer within five years and is committed to the high-end flagship market.

In contrast, Apple, Quartz recently surveyed more than 500 iPhone users in the United States, more than half said they would not consider buying iPhone7, only about one-seventh of users would choose to buy, but then, now China is Apple's largest The market, true and false local tyrants everywhere, even the top ten functions of iOS10 are designed for China, forcing foreigners to vomit on Twitter!

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