Anwar High-Tech listed 0.45mm thick chip LED for car

Introduction: Avago Technologies has released a series of chip LED "ASMT-Rx45" series with an appearance size of 1.65mm × 0.8mm × 0.45mm and a power LED "ASMT-QxB2" series with an input power of 0.5W. In addition to low power consumption, high brightness and low heat loss, the two series also have the characteristics of adapting to harsh environments; they can be used for automobile dashboards, LED billboards, outdoor display devices, switches for various devices and backlights for buttons. Wait. The QxB2 of the power LED will also exploit the interior and exterior of the car.

Rx45's illuminating colors include red, red, orange, orange, and yellow. The viewing angle is 130 degrees. AlInGaP is used in the LED chip. The package uses a lead frame structure with high thermal conductivity. Due to the low thermal resistance and good heat dissipation of the mounting base, it is expected to maintain reliability for a long time. In addition, the cost is reduced by 20 to 30% compared to standard surface mount PLCC packages. The operating temperature range is -40 to +100 °C.

QxB2's illuminating colors include white, amber, red orange and red. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. When the driving current is 150 mA, the luminous flux is 9.8 to 17 lm. The luminous efficiency is 30 lm/W. The package is a 3.2mm × 2.8mm × 1.9mm surface mount type PLCC-4. The pn junction temperature can support up to 125 °C. The thermal resistance between the pn junction and the port is 60 ° C / W. In terms of life, it is 50,000 hours or more in the case of 25 ° C, and 5000 hours or more in the case of 85 ° C. The operating temperature range is -40 to +110 °C.

Both series are in volume production. The reference unit price of the Rx45 is US$0.06 per 100,000 batches; the reference unit price of the QxB2 is $0.53 to $0.73 per 100,000 quantities.

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