Analysis of Japanese semiconductor market share

The growth rate of the semiconductor upstream material industry is lower than that of the semiconductor industry. Compared with semiconductor products such as DRAM and Flash Memory, it is one of the less volatile semiconductor sub-industries. Due to the need for advanced chemistry and materials technology, despite Japan’s market share in the semiconductor market declining year after year, it continues to have a high market share in a number of semiconductor upstream materials. In terms of packaging materials concerned by the packaging and testing industry, the supply of epoxy resin is expected to resume supply on March 22, and Nitto Denko stated that its semiconductor material plant has not been affected. Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. said that the epoxy resin encapsulating material for semiconductors and a part of lithium-ion battery anode materials for people's livelihood are expected to resume production on March 22. China News Service, Washington, March 29 (Reporter De Yongjian) The U.S. Department of Commerce made a final ruling on the 29th, deciding to impose a countervailing duty of 8.02% to 374.15% and an anti-dumping duty of 32.79% to 33.28% on aluminum profiles produced in China. In August and October last year, the US Department of Commerce initially imposed a countervailing duty of 137.65% on the aluminum profiles produced in China.